We Are Community for the week of March 20th, 2023, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 142

Plan to join the Plymouth American Legion for a soup and sandwich dinner on Saturday, March 25th beginning at 5 pm.  The menu will include chili, vegetable, oyster and potato soups as well as maid rites, dessert and drink.  The cost is $10 and carry outs will be available.  The Legion is located on the west side of the Plymouth Square.

Our sympathy to the family of Millie Derry who passed away on the 17th.  She was the Village Clerk for Augusta for many years.  Bill Derry, one of my neighbors, and Chad Derry of Augusta are sons.

Was in Aldi when a lady came up to me to tell me how much she enjoys this column.  I certainly appreciate all the kind words.  Thank you to each of you who give me positive comments.

Cannot tell you how important defensive driving is.  Two times in the past week, I have had to pull off the road to avoid being hit by another car.  Last week I slowed and put on my turn signal to turn into the church parking lot.  Problem was that the car behind me did not slow at all.  Then I was going west on the black top out of Plymouth and had to pull on to the shoulder as a car approaching me was at least using half of my lane as well as theirs.  I assume that both times the drivers were using their phones.  Please be careful out there!

Had a God Wink this week.  Most every day I get a letter from Miracle Ear.  They made the mistake of offering a $20 gift card if you got a hearing test.  I have known for some time that I needed my hearing checked.  The test showed that I have great hearing in the low ranges but loss in the higher ranges.  Do not like to do things without knowing more.  A well-dressed gentleman came into the antique store this week.  Eventually we got around to asking him where he was from and the term doctor had been mentioned.  Turns out he is a hearing specialist and does home visits.  Think I have found my second opinion.

Though my age number says that I am a “senior citizen” I have felt that age is just a number.  I had taken a baby aspirin for years but when I changed doctors, she suggested that I not do that so I was on no medication.  She then suggested that I take calcium so I had a bone density scan and they also suggested that I take calcium, so I began.  Earlier this month, I had a doctor appointment and my blood pressure was higher than normal so made an appointment with my doctor.  She prescribed blood pressure medicine and told me to buy a blood pressure cuff.  Have you ever tried to use a home bp cuff?  That raised the pressure the first night.  The second night I got it so tight I think that was not correct either.  Perhaps when I learn to use the cuff, I will get it right.  I found 15 of the pounds I lost during COVID and think that when I can get outside and do some real work and get exercise that I may be able to hopefully lose the bp pills.

Speaking of finding lost pounds-we had our first post COVID potluck at church today to celebrate having the roof paid off.  I had forgotten how much I love church pot lucks.  There was a wonderful variety of main dishes and desserts.  I can eat vegetables and fruit at home.  Loved it!  Politicians should campaign on “More Church Potlucks”.

My daffodils seem to have survived the 14-degree temperatures and now the forecast is for warmer temperatures.  I am so ready for spring as I am sure you are.

My first antique show is Saturday at Paris, MO.  If you are not busy, it runs from 9-3 in the Paris High School gym.  Nice show, come see me.

Have a great week.  Look to the western sky as the planets are still in view but are no longer close to each other.  Enjoy the warmer temperatures.  Scatter kindness and love this week.

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