We Are Community for the week of August 23rd, 2021, by Joyce Steiner


Was very sorry to see the notification that Sally Crofoot had passed.  She was a friend and I did not realize that she had moved from near Plymouth.  We talked some and she helped me out at the store.  She worked at the Mini Mart in Plymouth for many years.  She will be missed.

Heard another racoon on my roof so reset my trap this week.  Checked on it on Wednesday  morning and could not believe my trapping prowess.  I actually had two racoons in the same trap.  They are now living across the LaMoine River.  The next day I saw a skunk meandering about my yard.  So very thankful that it did not get in the trap.  Just not sure what I will do if I ever trap a skunk.

I hope that none of us ever have to go through another bank closing.  I not only have my account but I am treasurer for several organizations and finance chair for Living Faith.  I never knew just how many rules there were for banking.  I knew that Jay Wegman sold the Plymouth bank because of all the rules but I really didn’t understand until now.  I not only have to do paper work and get permission slips signed to move money out of the bank but have to do the same thing to deposit money into another bank. We had to have a special church council meeting to get signatures to move accounts and CDs. Then there is the matter of the 500 checks that are no longer good and having to purchase more checks for the new bank.  When I am lucky, I need to deposit money for the antique store and now I have to drive to Augusta to do that.  Just thankful that there is another bank within six miles.

A couple of weeks ago I caught a pretty black kitty in my live trap.  It evidentially decided it did not want to live at my house and does not realize that I also have the antique store because it is now living and eating there with the ferals.  Such a pretty kitty and I have hope of taming it because it does not seem wild.  If anyone is missing a full grown, totally black kitty, it is at the antique store.

Since the hail storm there have been roofing crews from Indiana in town putting on roofs.  One gentleman from Guatemala stopped by my house to check on rooms for seven roofers from Guatemala and Honduras.  Would have been interesting to visit with them but do not have the room for seven gentlemen and getting everybody in one shower would not have worked well.  Got another call for roofers from Mexico also working in town.  Saw some of them and they had very young, I would call them children, working on the roof.  Find it troubling that we have roofers from Indiana working here and not local people.

Plymouth Old Settlers will return this year.   It is Friday, Saturday and Sunday of this week.  There have been schedules in the local newspapers.  Hope you will be able to attend.

I probably learn this every year then forget it.  My peach trees had more blossoms than I ever remember them having.  Though it frosted it did not seem to hurt the blossoms as my trees were loaded with fruit.  I was hoping for fresh peaches, peaches to freeze and peach pie.  I did not get even one single whole peach.  The peaches rotted on the trees.  If I picked them and brought them in they rotted on the counter without ripening.  Then there were the Japanese beetles.  They would completely cover a peach and eat it all.  I had peach seeds only on the ground.  I did drown a lot of beetles but there were always more the next day.  If I want peaches, guess I am going to have to learn how to spray them.  I just hate to do that with all the birds and butterflies I attract to my yard.

Had a couple of good days at the antique store this week.  Thank you to all who came in and shopped.

If any of you want to start a business in the area, may I suggest an auction house.  I got most of my merchandise at the Sullivan and Son Auction just west of Plymouth.  I really miss them.  I keep trying to talk Mike into having antique auctions again but with no luck.  Most of the auction houses in the area have closed.  We need a local auction!   I  remember when Steve Stout had a Friday evening auction in Augusta.  It was also a social event.  Perhaps we do not need a weekly auction but we do certainly need an area  auction house!

Well fall is in the air.  My fall clematis are starting to bloom.  The peach tress are now bare of peaches.  There are leaves on the ground and the days are getting noticeably shorter.  Don’t like the shorter days but will not miss having to mow so often and will be happy for some cooler weather.

Have a good week.  Come to Plymouth Old Settlers.  If you haven’t already, get your covid shots.  We all need to get vaccinated to protect each other as well as just ourselves.  Do no harm, do good and Scatter Kindness.

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