We Are Community for the week of August 30th, 2021, by Joyce Steiner

If you know me now, you would be amazed at how shy I was  when I was a child.  We lived on a small farm in the Friendship neighborhood.  Neighbor children were not really close enough to play with.  One of the most important parts of growing up and learning to speak before groups was my experience in 4H.  I belonged to the Go Getter Gals Club from the Argyle neighborhood.  We met in members and leaders homes.  One of my 4H leaders was Lois Curtis.

I received a B&B reservation request from one of my 4H friends.  He told me that Lois had passed away.  Today it is difficult to see an obituary for someone because some of the papers no longer carry them.  When we do see an announcement, the services are usually over. This is so sad.   I would have loved to have been able to pay my respects to Lois and her family as she was important in my life.  Lois was the grandmother of John Curtis who ran for state representative in the Macomb area.  She lived to 101 years young and I am thankful for having known her and her family.

The big happening in Plymouth this week was Plymouth Old Settlers.  It was Friday, Saturday and there was to be a tractor pull today.  Saturday began early with the American Legion breakfast at the Legion building on the west side of the Square.  The breakfast was very well attended and the food was great as usual.  Am going to have to get there earlier as all the casserole was gone and I love their casserole however there were biscuits and gravy, sausage, bacon, ham, eggs, potatoes, fruit and drinks so I did well anyway.  Mary Lea Castlebury told me that they served over 120 people.  Thanks to all who helped with the breakfast.

Gary Hurt sponsored the car show this year and it was bigger and better than ever.  If I remember correctly he said there were 53 vehicles entered.  The parade kicked off at 11 am and it was very well attended.  There were bounce houses, the ever popular train rides, food vendors, games and more going on in the park all day.  The chicken and fish dinner started at 5 pm.  I like the fish so only ordered fish.  It was just great.  Not sure who cooked it but they did a really nice job of cooking.  Thanks so much.  Got to see a bit of the entertainment as I had B&B guests arriving and had to check on them and then check them in.  I think it was a very successful Old Settlers and I want to thank all those who work so hard to put it on for the community. Also thanks to Mary Bunney for the photographic exhibit at the Legion building. Thank You!  It was also  the inaugural day for the new rest rooms up town from the Metzger Trust.

Had other B&B guests this week.  They had been living in Los Angeles but were looking at houses in Macomb.  We talked quite a bit and feel that more people will be moving to the Midwest due to the weather and drought conditions on the west coast.  I have always felt we are very fortunate to live in the Midwest.

Spent a great deal of time during the past week trying to get accounts moved from the Plymouth Bank.  I take credit cards so had to change that account to the new one.  I called my credit card provider and they sent an online form to fill out to move the account.  The form did not work.  Called the company several times.  Was often put on hold and about every 15 minutes someone would check to see if I was still on the line.  To me it seemed that they were hoping that I would give up bothering them.  I finally asked that a paper from be sent to me to facilitate the move.  It was explained to me that in no way could they send a paper from due to covid.  Hum.. what else can we blame on covid.  Since the form absolutely would not allow me to send it  without putting in an alternate account for charges to come out of, I finally just repeated the original account number and attached a photo of the same check as my original account.  Evidentially the computer cannot read and it finally took my information.  Now we will see if my credit card sales are deposited in my new account.  When did some business people stop being helpful to their customers.  It would have been much easier to have just opened a new account with another credit card processing company.

In the continuing saga of pesky animals, racoons have taken up residence in the soffit of the Plymouth Circle Community Center.  Hope they were the same ones I moved to a new home last week.

Again I would like to thank all the people responsible for making Plymouth Old Settlers a success in 2021.  Thanks to all who came out and supported the Legion breakfast and the Old Settlers stands.  The weather was hot but it did not rain.  Thanks to all the people who brought their cars for the show.

This coming week is Labor Day which marks the end to summer and the beginning of fall.  Enjoy every day that you are given. Remember to be kind to all those you meet this week.

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