We Are Community for the week of August 29th, 2022, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 112

I would like to start this column by thanking all those who worked so hard to make the 136th Plymouth Old settlers such a success.

Saturday had something for everyone. It began with the American Legion breakfast which started at 7 am.  The food was great as usual and there was a good crowd when I was there.  Thanks to the Legion members for such a nice breakfast.  Was a good thing too as there was no time for lunch.

The car and motorcycle show had many entries and I liked the old rusties which were in front of one of my stores. Also enjoyed the oldies music that they played. There was a great showing and lots of prizes were awarded.

Saturday was filled with many other activities including a parade, inflatables, kids’ games, trivia, bluegrass music, a petting zoo, pony rides, train rides and Amish buggy rides, fish and chicken dinner, entertainment by Martin McDaniel and more.

My compliments to the people who helped with the fish and chicken dinner.  I think it was the best ever.  Catfish nuggets were added to the menu and they were just great.  One could have catfish, buffalo and chicken.  I had both kinds of fish and it was just really well prepared.

When I saw three sound boards, actually one was for lights, I was afraid the music would be loud.  I often think loud covers up lack of talent.  This was not the case.  Martin McDaniel was in fact very talented.  The show had a variety of music, some of which had been written by the artist.  There was an extensive light show behind the artists and some “fog” too.  The band never took a break even though they performed quite a long time.  I think the crowd was very pleased and hopefully we will see more of this group.

I see a lot of new faces helping with Old Settlers and wish to thank all who have become involved.  It takes a lot of planning and hard work to pull off this celebration.  Thank you.

The ladies with the petting zoo were very interesting.  They stayed at my home on Friday evening.  I was hostess to a nine-day old crested African porcupine.  It had to be fed every four hours so could not be left with the other animals.  I have pictures!  Never had seen a huge turtle in a petting zoo either.  there was one thing that bothered me however.  I often sit on my patio and my kitties sit beside me on the bench and near my feet.  When the “animal whisperer” also came out to sit on the patio, my kitties promptly left me and went to sit with her!  When she went back inside, they came back to me.  She truly has a gift with animals.

Had to go to Augusta and Macomb on Monday and knew I would not have time to stop for lunch so stopped by Rhodes Market to get a sandwich and some potato wedges.  Others had the same idea.  Good to have a grocery store in our area that supplies not only groceries but also prepared food if needed.

Living Faith had a finance meeting on Tuesday.  We have paid back a lot of the cost of the roof but still need to raise $20,000.  We are planning a food event and a mum sale thus far.  If you would like to send a donation to help with the roof, the address is Living Faith UMC, PO Box 127, Bowen, Il 62316.  Also, we discussed that we need 200 addresses to use bulk mail for our newsletter.  If you would like to receive a copy of the newsletter, just email livingfaith@adams.net with your address.   It will help us get up to the 200 addresses we need.

Thursday, I went to Hy-Vee for steak night.  One gets a lovely steak, potato and vegetable for $10.  They had buy one and get one for half off.  Said I only needed one and then thought the second would have made a great lunch for the next day and for only $5.  Oh well, maybe next time!

Hope you were able to come to Plymouth this weekend, hope you enjoyed your time here if you did. Next weekend is Labor Day weekend and there will be lots of opportunity to celebrate the “end of summer”.  Be kind to those you meet this week and pray for our country and those who are il

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