We Are Community for the week of August 22nd, 2022, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 111

Plymouth’s 136th (I hope) Old settlers Celebration is this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Friday features a pulled pork dinner, a Little Mr. and Miss contest and music by the Beck Brothers.  Saturday there something going on all day.  You won’t want to miss the parade, the car show, lots of food and free entertainment and much more.  All the activities are on the Plymouth Square.

The Plymouth American legion will once again host their great breakfast on Saturday morning at the Legion Hall on the west side of the square.  It runs from 7-10 am and will feature biscuits and gravy, eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, potatoes and drinks.  For carry out orders you may call 309 333 8305.  I believe the donation is $8 but one can always toss a bit more in the basket!

Spent a lot of last week packing and loading for 3rd Sunday Market.  Just got home.  We had a good crowd but I had hoped that they would spend more in my booth.  Oh, well-got there and back with no problems and got to see friends and eat well.  Really what more should we ask for.

It is now dark before I get home from Bloomington.  The deer are out by then.  Just west of Macomb, two deer decided to cross the road in front of my van.  I got stopped without hitting either of them but two motor cycles passed me while I was stopped.  A reasonable person should assume that if a car stops suddenly on the road that there is probably a reason.  Glad no one was hurt.

There was an article in the Community Brief asking for donations for incoming students at WIU.  They needed things that I had plenty of so took in quite a few items such as bedding and towels.  One drops the items off at the Newman Center on campus.

Windsong Akers had an open house to celebrate the artistic work of Shelly Rasche, so went down on Monday afternoon for a while.  Their Koi ponds are outstanding.  Took some fish photos to share.

The distinction for the most disgusting robo calls did go to the automotive warranty people but now may have been replaced by the Medicare card scammers. They begin at 8 am usually on Tuesday morning and I can get several calls in one day.  Surely wish the callers would find real work as I usually need to answer my phone as I get business calls.  Almost did not answer a call with caller ID of a city and state and it was an Amish gentleman calling for a room for his driver.

The staff pastor parish relations committee met on Tuesday.  We are getting ready for church conference.  Good meeting.

Asked Tedd Simmons to fix the light in front of my main store.  He put a new bulb in and put in an electric eye instead of the timer I had on it.  Guess that is OK as I have paid the electricity to light three street lights for the village for forty years now!  Tedd does a great job for Plymouth.  Thank You.

I hope that each of you will visit Plymouth this weekend.  Enjoy the festivities and also stop by my store.  Believe the Baldwin Building will also be open so you can see all the work they have done on the building.  Have a great week and remember to be kind to everyone you meet this week.


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