We Are Community for the week of August 15th, 2022, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 110

Harold Glen White of Plymouth passed away Saturday August 6th.  Services were held August 10th with a dinner held at the PCCC after the service.  Mary Fernetti of Nauvoo passed away on August 7th.  Had a booth in an antique mall that she and her husband owned in Nauvoo.  Please keep their friends and relatives in your prayers.

Lots of things can be recycled-anything metal, food cans, beverage cans, and so much more.  Took a load of miscellaneous scrap to Colchester and got some things cleaned up and a bit over $64 in the process.  Please recycle what you can.  There is still a barrel in front of Plymouth Rock Antiques for beverage cans to be recycled.  The fund goes to help care for the ferals.  They are hungry little “people”.

Bruce Morton, a professional photographer from Bowen, was one of only twenty-five photographers worldwide to have portraits published in AAP Magazine.  Congratulations Bruce! He also has a three-book series on Forgottonia for sale.

Hope that none of you get potential porn texts on your phone.  I get one or two a week.  One can get an idea of the content by the address on the text.  I delete them without opening and think this is a good idea for many questionable texts or emails.  Do not understand why so many people are so eager to break into our phones or computers.  Remember not to give out any sensitive information such as social security numbers and never buy a gift card to solve a purported problem.  That is always a scam.

Plymouth Old Settlers is fast approaching.  The dates for 2022 are August 26, 27 and 28th.  Friday will feature a pulled pork sandwich dinner, the Little Miss and Mr. contest and a talent show.  Saturday will have a parade at 11:00 am, a car show, games and much more.  Fish and chicken will be available beginning at 5:00 pm followed by Martin McDaniel at 7:00 pm.  There will be a tractor pull at the ball park on Sunday.  There will be events going on all day Saturday in the Plymouth Park.  All the entertainment is free.  For information on the car show, call Gary Hurt at 309 333 3147.  For parade information call Kim at 309 331 5025 and for any other questions, you may call 309 544 6458.  Hope to see you for the 136th Celebration.

Why not take a bit of time and clean up your property to make Plymouth look extra nice for the Old Settlers Celebration.  Let’s put “our best foot forward”.

Take a publication called “Bottom Line Personal”. It covers topics like finances, health, new products, stock suggestions and more.  In this week’s issue there was an article about dementia.  They suggested that instead of calling the problem dementia or Alzheimer’s we think of it as “Deeply Forgetful”.  The piece pointed out that people with dementia still respond quite well to music with which they are familiar.  They also respond to various forms or art. It suggested that if we immerse those affected with deep forgetfulness to this type of stimuli, they will respond positively.  The article also noted that often near the end of their lives, these people have periods of being completely lucid so that they do have information and memories buried in their minds.  My mother passed from Alzheimer’s after six years.  She lost her power of speech early on so one did not know what was going on in her mind.  This is a terrible disease as it takes a long time to progress and it seems so little can be done for those suffering from it and their families.  I think that thinking of it as “deeply forgetful” might help just a little and help us to understand that the person is still in there somewhere.

Have a great week.  The weather is to be a bit cooler.  Pray for a nice shower as it is quite dry.  Also pray for our country.  We cannot continue to be so divided.  Our politicians are supposed to work for the good of the county and ALL its people.  Thank teachers, military, nurses, policemen and all those who work for the good of society.  Though we are all individuals, we must follow common sense rules such as not shooting our fellow travelers on this planet.  Scatter Kindness is not just a phrase but should be a way of life.

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