We Are Community for the week of August 8th, 2022, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 109

Sorry to hear of the untimely passing of Troy VanFleet this week.  Please keep his family and friends in your prayers.

Got the last two sets of shelving out of the antique mall on Monday.  Again, Sullivan’s Antiques and More at 9th and Hampshire has permanently closed so all the merchandise I had there is now in Plymouth.  Come help me make some room for more!

Attended the Hancock County Democrat meeting on Monday.  We have new officers.  Teri Tobias is chair, Mike Thompson, vice chair and Arlis Dittmer is secretary.  We will meet on September 12 as the first Monday is Labor Day.  Also, there will be a fish fry on Saturday, August 20th from 4-6 pm at the main shelter house at the Nauvoo State Park.  The fish is always great!

A friend posted on Facebook that he witnessed a fight between a couple and that the man rode off on his bike and left the woman.  My friend commented that he bought the lady a hotel room for the night as apparently, she was just left with no money and he felt it was right to help her out.  I was interested that most every comment warned my friend of being scammed.  Reminded me of many years ago when we were sitting under a tree in Biloxi eating a McDonalds lunch.  A car with a couple and several children in it pulled up to us and asked for money to fix the car.   My husband gave them the money and his name and address to pay him back.  Do I need to say we never heard from them.

Today many scams are apparent.  Fox example I have been called three times this week to see if my new Medicare card has arrived. The last caller could not hang up fast enough when I told him this was a scam.  Then there are the auto warranty calls and the emails that your computer needs repair.  Sad that we have to question every move before we try to help another person.

Had heard of a very popular book called “Where the Crawdad Sing” so I bought and read it.  Finished it on Wednesday evening so went to the movie Thursday evening.  There were even a few people in the theater besides me.  Anyway, the book was good but sometimes unsettling.  The movie followed the book well but could not focus on some of the detail so I actually liked the movie better.  Interesting look into family relationships and how to know when to trust people.

Had dinner with the Steiner family on Saturday evening.  We can fit around one table in a restaurant.  Always good to see family.

Was asked to cover the one room school at Western Illinois Threshers this afternoon.  After church I headed for Hamilton.  On the way over the tire light came on.  Not much I could do about it so just went on and was hostess at the school and hoped the tires would still be up when I was done.  I forget just how much there is at the Western Illinois Threshers show.  There were rows and rows of tractors. There are many buildings to see-my former church, the one room school, two log cabins, two depots, a printing set up, a caboose, a barn being rebuilt and so much more.  One can go for a train ride, visit a petting zoo, watch threshing, sawing, parades and learn so much about how things used to be done.

As I was there when the show ended, I also got to remember just how much work is involved in putting on a public event.  There must have been ten men taking down one shelter and there were many shelters to be taken down.  When you see people who help with the county fair and other events, you might want to tell them how much you appreciate all their hard work.

Part of the reading for Monday included this “People have become less kind, more certain of their own beliefs, and convinced that being right is more important than being in relationship”.  This is not referring to a love relationship.  We can get so caught up in our own political views and “know that we are right” and may forget that others feel just as strongly but totally disagree with us.  Facebook is such a good example of this.  My friends and my “friends” can be so very hateful about and to others with whom they disagree.  Let’s try to do better.  Think before you post a hateful comment or say something unkind.

Have a good week.  Try to help others when they need it.  Think before hitting the post or send buttons!

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