We Are Community for the week of August 3rd, 2020, by Joyce Steiner


Our sympathy to the family of Dodie Burton who passed away on Thursday.  She was a long time resident of Plymouth and a very special person.  She leaves behind two children, Larry and wife Michelle Burton of Plymouth and Judy Martin.  She will  certainly be missed.

Mondays the store is closed so I try to get things done that can’t be done when I am at the store.  I had a call to appraise some things in a town about 40 miles from Plymouth.  Got up and drove to the appointment.  Waited for the people to arrive.  Asked them to put on masks.  When we entered the house there was a sign “not responsible for accidents” on the wall so I knew there had already been a sale.  Many things were marked for sale and prices were quite high compared to what I would have asked in the shop.  I asked abut trying to buy a few things and was turned down.  I am happy to do appraisals but please be honest with me.  I drove 80 miles, used my whole morning, was not able to buy anything and was offered nothing for my time.  I am here to help others.  I will happily come to your home to try tell you  what you should keep, what has some value and where to go with the things you want to sell.  In return for this service, I will try to buy a few things to help pay for my time or charge you a small fee.

I would like to thank those people who have called or come by the store to tell me how much they like reading this column.  You cannot know how much I appreciate those compliments.  I have friends who are pastors or lay speakers and sometimes when they hear a statement they will say “that will preach”.  I have the same feelings sometimes but my thought process says “that will work in the column”.  Thank you.

My neighbor got on my roof this week to complete a repair only to find that a coon had been on the roof and had undone a previous repair.  Baby coons are so cute but I certainly wish they would not try to make a home in my roof and attic.

Chris Butcher had an auction on Saturday.  It was an outdoor auction so I attended.  Most people wore masks.  It was easy to stay six feet apart for the most part.  There were many really nice things at the auction and I think I came home with my share.  The auction was well run.  The parking was almost impossible but arrangements had been made to transport attendees.  Prices were very strong on many of the antiques items which I was glad to see.  Friend, Dick Gaskill, sold the real estate.  It was good to see auction friends again.  Thanks for a well done auction.

My back kitchen door is all glass.  I was fixing supper one evening this week when I became aware that someone was on my porch.  They were just standing about six inches from my door with an unlit cigarette in their hand.  After my heart stilled, I went to the door and asked what they were doing there.  The reply was ”I don’t know”.  It was quickly apparent that the person was high on some  type of drug.  I asked them to leave which they did-walking down the side walk backwards still holding the cigarette and with bare feet.  I understand that a person has a right to refuse treatment for a medical problem.  However I think that another person has the right to expect that there will not be anyone high on drugs looking in their back door.  Somehow our society has to get a handle on this problem.

Went out on my patio late on Saturday evening and was rewarded with a fantastic moon.  There were a few lacy clouds in front of the moon and some very bright stars near it.  There was a lovely glow to the sky and it was just so pretty.  We all need to take a few moments from our day to just enjoy God’s creation for us.  You may feel fortunate if you are not one of those people that I text at midnight and say “go look at the moon”.

In this land of covid, eating is one of the fun things we do.  As we are probably all cooking at home more than usual, we have to be creative.  Have talked about flatbread pizza before.  This week I created another pizza variety.  Start with a Naan flatbread.  Cover it thinly with pesto for flavor.  I then put on a layer of my favorite bar be que sauce.  On top of that I added bacon cooked with onion.  On top of that I put mushrooms and mozzarella cheese and baked it at 400 for 11 minutes.  It was really good.  Almost made up for the loss of my favorite bar be que bacon pizza from the former  Brick Wall Pizza in Plymouth.

Living Faith had outdoor church at 9 am this Sunday.  It was a lovely morning.  It was good to see Phil Stienbarger and his wife back at church.  Phil has been recovering from an attack by a tree limb which he was cutting.  Apparently the tree won this round!  I enjoy Steve Eighinger’s columns in the Quincy paper.  He sometimes writes a column about persons who he would like to invite to have lunch with him.  This week  one of the people he chose was Pastor Sheri.  Congrats Pastor, think that was a great choice!

I hope you have a great week.  Take a few minutes to just enjoy the world around you.  Scatter Kindness.

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