We Are Community for the week of July 27th, 2020. by Joyce Steiner

Monday I ventured to a restaurant for the first time since this whole virus thing began.  Our Illinois Education Association retired officers met to plan the new year and we met at a restaurant.  They had outside seating or I don’t think we would have gone there.  We all wore masks until the food arrived.  Kind of difficult to eat with a mask on!  Anyway it was an awakening.  People in the restaurant were not wearing masks- of course they could not eat with them on either.  What I learned from this is that I am not ready to go back to eating out.  I truly believe that if everyone would wear a mask and social distance that we could lick this thing in short order.  But obviously we have people who are not going to do that.

Got some more fish for my ponds.  The air pump is working so well that I wanted more fish and so do the green head frogs.  Yum.

Was still upstairs on Tuesday morning when I noticed a fire truck parked in front of my home.   Quite a little disturbing so I headed down as my guest was heading up the stairs to tell me that there was a fireman at the back door.  Started asking questions as well he might.  I had not called in a fire but one had been called in for my home.  Also neighbors had heard a beeping noise but I had not.  My home was checked.  The gas lines were checked.  Nothing, thank you God.  We eventually decided that the cold rain hitting my black and probably warm roof had caused steam to rise from the roof.  Never did figure out the beeping noise.  Had a fire alarm go off earlier and there was no problem then either so maybe it is just the false fire alarm season.  May all fire alarms be false.  Would like to thank the Tri Village Fire Department for their quick response.  Thank You.

John Carson put many photos of Neowise on face book so I ventured out Wednesday to try to find the comet.  Because of a map he had put on, I knew where to look and eventually found the comet.  Stayed out for a couple of hours and thousands of misquotes.  It was worth it.  Neowise was the closest to the earth on Wednesday but was still 103 million kilometers distant.  Think that particular comet will not be around for another 6800 years and my chances of seeing it again are probably not good.  Went out again on Thursday and found it again but the best part of Thursday was a huge long lasting meteor.  My B&B guest had fun star gazing too.  The nights have been so beautiful with the Milky Way and  constellations very bright.

Plymouth Rock Antiques is open and some weeks are good and some slow.  This week was slow.  I know that I am not out shopping like I used to be so it is not surprising that others ae not either.  If you did come in, thank you so much-it was appreciated whether you bought anything or not.  Thank You.

A friend brought me some books.  One of the books had a sale bill written by my husband in it.  Little reminders of him are nice.

August 22nd is “ Be An Angel Day” according to face book.  Sounds like a great holiday to me.  Let’s embrace it!.  Be extra kind, compliment people, forgive someone, shop for a neighbor, let a car go ahead of you, let a person go ahead of you in line at the grocery store, wear a mask-there are just so many options.

Have been telling you about my solar panels.  My July bill was $61.55 less than of July of 2019.  Excited.

Eleanor White will be celebrating her 102nd birthday on August 2nd.  If you would like to send her a card, her address is Eleanor White, Bickford Assisted Living, 1600 maple Ave., Macomb, Il 61455.  There have been several of birthdays lately of people living to be over a hundred.  I have been sending them cards.  With family unable to visit, perhaps a birthday card will brighten their day, know it would mine.

Hope you have a great week.  Hope you got to see the comet.  If you had a fire call, hope it was just a false alarm.  Be extra kind to those around you this week.  Times are difficult for all.  Thank God for your blessings.

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