We Are Community for the week of July 20th, 2020, by Joyce Steiner


My husband was always on the cutting edge of technology.  We had bag phones, probably most of you do not even remember those brick sized phones in a black bag.  Think your car even needed an antenna.  He had a blackberry.  When he passed we had moved up to flip phones.  He would have absolutely loved smart phones and would have had the newest and the best.  His last night here, he drove to from St Louis to Macomb to look at the new sign he had just bought for the dealership.  It was one of those great signs one could put messages and pictures on.

I am more resistant to change and have no one to teach me how to use something new.  So did not get a smart phone until forced to do so for my security system.  The virus has given me a whole new outlook on smart phones.  Though I have had a PC forever, I could not post photos as I did not know how to get them from my camera to the computer.  Now I am a wizard at photos!  Thought a smart phone would cost more than my flip but it is actually cheaper than paying for a hot spot for my tablet plus the flip phone.  The reason for all this discussion?  There is a high percentage of people in the US who live in single person homes.  Normally I would be packing for a show, doing a show and unpacking from a show pretty much full time from March to the end of October.  Then the virus struck.  My store closed.  There are no antique shows or auctions and we were rightly asked to stay home.  Pretty much cuts off those people in  one person homes.   Mentioned in a text to friends that I normally see at 3rd Sunday Market that they were lucky to have each other.  She immediately picked up on my “problem” and suggested just reaching out to friends.  It is so easy with a smart phone.  We now text most every day and we exchange flower and other photos.

I do not spend much time on Facebook as there is a lot of negativity there, but I do put flower photos on face book most every day.  It is something positive in a world that can  be pretty negative right now.  A flower brightens a persons day and also I got some positive comments from others who enjoy them.  Also enjoy seeing photos from others.

This morning at church, we used our phones to get the words to the hymns we were singing.  Just ask google for the lyrics.  Am very thankful for my phone connection to friends and to the world at this time!

Today is my mother’s birthday.  I was almost a birthday present for her.  Speaking of birthdays, Bob Lawton’s street address is 114 N. Putnam instead of the one I gave you last week.

If you need bamboo for garden poles or anything for that matter, I have lots of dead bamboo available.  Bamboo grows by sending runners out from the plants and then shooting up.  Since I want my bamboo to stay more in a line between the properties, I mow off the new shoots.  This is killing the bamboo.  I have very few live plants but lots of dead ones.

Went to Walmart on Monday.  Always hit the garden section.  I almost cried when I found bags and bags of plants.  They just put all their plants in bags and were tossing them in the trash.  What a waste.

Tried my hand at an online auction this week.  Not very successful.  Thanks to Chad Thompson who brought over the three things I managed to buy.  In my opinion online auctions will never replace live auctions.  Really miss the interactions with friends at auctions.

John Carson has been putting photos of the comet on line otherwise I would not have “seen “ it.  Can’t see the north west sky from my house as I have lots of trees.  Am going to have to do better.

More stores are asking customers to wear masks.  Just do it.  Do not gripe, do not say that it is your right to not wear a mask.  Right now it is the only way to slow the spread of the virus.  Corona is not a hoax.  It was not invented to get Trump out of the white house.  Adams county has seen a large increase in cases.  There are people in Plymouth who are supposed to be in quarantine.  Wear a mask.  If both people in contact wear a mask, the transmission rate is drastically reduced.  A mask is a low cost way to help protect those you come in contact with.  You are not a “sheep”, you are considerate.

If you can’t be with friends, reach out with your phone.  If you need to be out, wear a mask.  Our world is a strange place right now, but we can make it better by being kind to those we meet and by being considerate of everyone.  Have a great week.


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