We Are Community for the week of July 13th, 2020, by Joyce Steiner


Several important birthdays to mention.  Even if it is a bit late, why not sit down and write them a birthday card.  Evelyn Baker, formerly of Plymouth, will celebrate her 96th birthday on July 14th.  Her address is Evelyn Baker, 1307 Meadow Lark Lane, Macomb, IL 61455.  Bob Lawton, also formerly of Plymouth, celebrated his 94th birthday with a round of golf.  His address is Bob Lawton, 610 Anthony Lane, Moweaqua, IL 62550.  Elzie Kirby, formerly of Bowen, will celebrate his 95th birthday on July 16th.  His address is Elzie Kirby,  792 Main St.  Apt 4, Anna, IL 62906.

I mentioned last week that Chris Lambert’s daughter, Alexis lost her partner, Garett Rice, last week.  He was only 21 years old and they are expecting a baby in August.  If you would like to send a note, you can reach Chris Lambert at 87400 Reed Rd., Uhrichsville, OH 44683.

As you all know by now, I taught at Central High School for 23 years.  One of the teachers I taught with was Mike Saul.  He taught music and married a fellow teacher, Randi Dennis.  Mike passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday.  So sorry to hear of his passing.

Read an article in the Quincy paper this week in  which scientific research shows that being kind pays off.  Acts of kindness make us feel better and healthier!  Another reason to “Scatter Kindness”.

Living Faith UMC has been meeting on the church lawn at 10 am for the last two weeks.  This will continue for the month of July.  If all goes as planned we will meet inside the church starting on August 2nd at 10 am.  Since the in building service will be at 10 am, the outside service will move to 9 am in August.  All subject to change depending on what the virus decides to do!

One of my gold fish, that the green head frog did not eat, was breathing at the top of the water this week.  Mentioned this to Carolyn Bullard and she said get an air pump.  I thought air pumps all went in the water.  When one puts them in a pond, they clog pretty quickly.  She said you could get one that is NOT in the water and attach hoses to it which go into the water and produce air bubbles.  Bought one, it works quite well.  Thanks for the suggestion.

My large night blooming cactus had four blossoms this week.  They are quite large and lovely.  Posted photos on face book so hope some of you got to see the pictures.

Had a delightful couple in the antique store on Friday.  They had an antique store in Iowa and recently moved to Mt. Sterling, IL.  So refreshing to meet someone moving to Illinois instead of wanting to move out of Illinois because they are unhappy with the political climate.  I love our area.  Pretty, no forest fires, no mud slides, no hurricanes, a few tornados but then I suppose no place is perfect.  Lots of nice people.

I put a picture of a phlox on face book this week and I was not sure how to spell phlox so I asked google how to spell “ the flower phlox”.  Imagine my surprise when google answered t-h-e f-l-o-w-e-r p-h-l-o-x!  Guess that was what I asked her to do!

I did not know that I needed a yard swing but I had an unruly giant dead bush on a frame I had built years ago.  When we took the bush off the frame, it looked better and it also looked like the frame could hold a swing so I asked Dylan McCurdy, a local contractor, to build a swing.  I love it!  Right now it faces my purple cone flower bed which is in full bloom and has many butterflies working the flowers. Delightful to sit in the swing and watch the butterflies play with each other among the flowers.

Tom Ohnemus, Blue Stone Solar, installed an ap on my phone which shows how much energy my solar panels are producing in real time.  They have been on line less than  three weeks.  Thus far they have produced $49 worth of energy, saved 573 pounds of carbon dioxide from going into the atmosphere and have saved 7 trees.   Not sure how the saving trees works, but am glad to see it!  They have been producing about 30 kilowatts a day this week.  Love them!

Have a great week.  The weather is supposed to be really hot so be careful.  Scatter Kindness-it will make you healthier!

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