We Are Community for the week of Dec 11th, 2023, by Joyce Steiner

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Pretty much a normal week and that is good.  Monday is the day I take off from Plymouth Rock and try to get a lot of things done.  I covered my three fish ponds on Monday.  The good news is I got that done- the bad news is that I found 3 large dead fish and think that there may not be fish in one or two of the ponds now.  Think that walnuts dropping into the ponds are the problem so am going to try to prevent that next year with a type of pond covering which will prevent leaves and nuts from falling into the ponds.

Attended a Christmas party at one of the neighbors on Monday.  That was nice.

Each month our pastor and her singing group go to Golden Good Shepherd Home for “Singing and Mingling”.  Have mixed emotions about attending these as my mother was in that home for six years and passed there but I attended this week.  Was nice to see the residents enjoying the music and interacting with some young children who also attended.  Will try to go more often.

The Plymouth Village Board met on Wednesday evening.  I always attend as I think it is important.  The committees did not have reports.  The members asked that the village Christmas lights be put up which was done and they look nice.

Noted that gas is now under $3 in Bowen.  It is much higher in Carthage and is still over $3 in Macomb but has come down considerably.

Thursday was partially spent on insurance matters.  Have had my insurance with a firm in Macomb for many years.  When the store insurance increased over 50% with no claims, I started looking for another company and when the Macomb firm was sold, I changed to a more local company.  Think we have that all finished now.  Also wrote my Christmas letter on Thursday.  Now I just have to print them and sit down and start writing cards as I have been getting some every day.

We had lightning and thunder on Friday night and got about three tenths of an inch of rain.

Santa arrived at the PCCC via the fire truck on Saturday morning.  His visit was sponsored by the Old Settlers Committee.  Thank you all who helped with his visit.  That is such a worthy project as each child attending may do some activities and receives a nice present from the group.  Thank You!

Saturday evening, I was able to head to Nauvoo for “Selections from the Messiah by Handel”.  The performance was at the Pageant headquarters east of Nauvoo.  I had never been in the building before but it is very large and very nice and was a great setting for the performance.  Not sure that I have ever been able to sit so close to such a large orchestra.  So many dedicated musicians.  Was closest to the bases and the violins and was interested in the fingering and the bow techniques.  Also love people watching and that was good too.  Enjoyed the program very much and realize again how many programs are offered in Nauvoo and that I should attend more of them.

I have so many things to be thankful for and I know that but being a widow in a married world is not one of them.  Am so thankful for smart phones and friends who text me each day.

Today we lit the candle of Peace.  Last Sunday was the candle of Hope.  May you have both.  The Love and Joy candles will also soon be lit.  May you have Peace, Hope, Love and Joy in your life.  You may not be able to do much about peace, hope and joy for others, but you can share your Love with others and that may help them to find the other three.

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