We Are Community for the week of Dec 4th, 2023, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 179

Our sympathy to the family and friends of Joyce Hiland of Augusta.  She will be remembered for the many lovely cakes she baked.  Pastor Sheri Renner will officiate at her services on Monday in Augusta.

Been a pretty quiet week.  Picked up my Christmas cards on Monday and grocery shopped as usual.  Was a lovely Beaver Moon on Monday also.  Got one photo of it but the photo was taken in town so not as pretty as it could have been.  Hope you got to enjoy the view.

Tuesday, we had a church meeting at Living Faith to schedule the meetings for the year.  A meeting to schedule meetings?

During the summer I do antique shows so a lot of times is spent loading and unloading.  Tell people I will cane for them when fall comes.  Finally got back to caning this week and finished one chair and started another.  Have several in line so hope to be able to get to them all soon-a long and tedious process.

Have had deer hunters in and out all week.  One stayed two nights, checked out and returned the following night.  One of my regulars is here now.  He is family.  Interesting to see just how many are hunting in the area when one goes to a restaurant and sees all the new faces.  Glad that they are thinning the deer population a bit so not as many deer are killed on the highways.

The Plymouth Circle Community Center has a social service room and a lovely chapel.  One can rent either or both.  There was a wedding there this weekend.  We have a new roof and a new furnace is in the works as well as plaster repair needed because of the leak.  If you have an event, large or small, the PCCC is an option for celebrations.  Inquire at the antique store if you have questions.

Finally got the pots at the antique store decorated for Christmas this week.  Hope they look festive.  Don’t put up a whole lot of decorations in the store but did move some very pretty Christmas dishes near the door so they can be easily seen.

I buy a lot of bananas and I forget to eat them so I toss a lot of bananas.  Saw a recipe for cake made with bananas.  One smashes 4 or 5 bananas mixes them with two eggs and then mix in a dry yellow cake mix so I tried this.  If is ok but decided to add part of an orange next time.  Then I considered adding some cranberries for color and the guys I had lunch with suggested adding some nuts.  Will try this tomorrow.  Here is what I am going to do.  In a food processor add the over ripe bananas, half an orange including the skin, a hand full of cranberries and process.  Mix in the dry cake mix and toss in a handful of nuts.  Put in a sprayed glass cake pan and bake at 350 until golden brown.  Should be tasty, healthy and pretty with the added colors.

Santa will be at the PCCC on Saturday, December 9th.

Have a great week.  Not supposed to be too cold.  Nice weather for December.  Hope you are getting in the Christmas spirit.  Scatter kindness and love where ever you go this week.

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