We Are Community for the week of Dec 26th, 2022, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 129

Today is Christmas Day.  Christians celebrate the birth of the Christ Child today.  We have celebrated the four weeks of Hope, Joy, Love and Peace.  A belief in a power higher than ourselves helps many of us search for these ideals.  Belief also gives us hope for life after this one

For me, Christmas day means getting up early and putting the turkey in the oven, making dressing, gravy and mashed potatoes.  The cranberries are done ahead as well as dessert if I am fixing it.  While that was cooking, I went to the store to feed my ferals.  Thank goodness I went early because when I opened the door there was a strange noise.  That noise turned out to be the sound of rushing water from a broken water line.  Am very thankful that the water shut off is inside the building and all I had to do was turn the handle to stop the water flow.  Also, thankful there is a drain in the back room and I was able to direct quite a bit of water to the drain.  Will deal with that tomorrow, as the saying goes, because I still had dinner to finish and guests arriving.

Am thankful for family to invite to my home on Christmas as well as friends.  My family gets smaller and smaller but I do have family while some others do not.  Christmas dinner is served at noon at my home.  We have cut the presents to one ten-dollar gift which gets a number, then numbers are drawn to determine which gift one receives.  You would not believe how much stress this takes out of the Christmas season.  Of course, it is not good for the stores that depend on Christmas sales for a great deal of their yearly income.

Other than Christmas, the big news this week was the weather.  It has not been good but we in the Midwest have been lucky.  My weather station registered -12.8 one night and the wind was pretty awful but we did not have feet of snow, ice and downed power lines.

On Tuesday I went to Macomb for my yearly eye exam and while there went to Aldi’s and Walmart.  They were packed.  Think everyone was buying extra groceries not only for Christmas but also for the approaching storm.

I have five outdoor kitties at home.  They have a kitty door in the old garage but prefer going into the heated garage when the temperatures drop.  One of these kitties came to me as an adult and cannot be trained to use a litter box but I let them all into the garage anyway.  As one friend said “smells are temporary but frostbite is forever”.  It is to get warm this week and I can clean up the garage floor while it is warm.

Noticed that gas in Bowen was 2.99 when I went to the Christmas Eve service.  Thankful that prices are coming down.  I don’t drive much now that show season is over, but that certainly is not the case for most people.

Puff and I have been watching Hallmark movies.  Someone mentioned that one always knows the end of a Hallmark movie.  Guess I like that as life is not always that predictable and each of us has an inherent need to be loved.

Hope that you were able to celebrate the birth of the Christ Child in a loving and comfortable way.  Again, may you find the Hope, Peace, Love and Joy which you need in your life.   Wishing you many good things in the New Year.  Scatter Kindness and Love.

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