We Are Community for the week of Feb 15th, 2021, by Joyce Steiner


Jane Rigsbee passed away on January 9th.  She was a small lady largely loved by all who knew her.  She will be missed.  Our sympathy to her family and friends.

Last Sunday was the Super Bowl.  I normally watch for the commercials.  This year I also watched for the players and coaches.  Tom Brady, one of football’s oldest players, was matched  against  one of football’s greatest younger players.  The coach of Brady’s team was one of the older coaches in football.  Glad to report that the “oldsters”  won very handily.  Never count out us “older folks”.

I have weather stations both up and down stairs.  Looked at the upstairs one on Monday morning and thought it said 16 and that was not bad.  Then I noticed the decimal point!  1.6 degrees.

Have been watching the five thirty  news on channel 10.  This week, as usual, they were talking about trying to get people vaccinated. NBC was panning a street scene and talking about the fact that people were having trouble getting to the vaccination sites because they had no transportation.  We live in a rural area where everyone has to have transportation.  I have two vehicles which is handy if one has a flat or is not working even though one is nineteen years old.  Guess I just never thought about people not having some sort of car or truck to get around.  Uber and other means of transportation were stepping up to get these folks to vaccination sites.  My second shot is scheduled for Wednesday of this week in Carthage.  Hancock County seems very efficient in getting the shots in arms.  Will be glad to get this done.

I talk a lot about feeding the birds .  Here are some recommendations for you if you are a novice.  Choose a feeder with a base.  Most feeders have several openings with perches where birds can sit and eat out of the hole.  Most of my feeders have an insert which can be rotated to feed either Niger or larger seeds.  Mine are turned for larger seed.  A base  allows larger birds to use the feeder.  The base also catches some of the food that is tossed out of the feeder by the smaller birds.  If you are only going to feed one type of seed, I would suggest black oil sunflower as this is readily available and not too expensive.  It also attracts a good variety of birds.  Had not seen many blue jays but that changed this week.  I also have squirrel feeders, the kind with a base on which you mount a gallon jar.  I use plastic cannisters from Walmart.  You want a clear container so that you can watch the squirrels go inside the container to feed.  Anyway, this week, blue jays and cardinals are also using the squirrel feeders.  Once in a while one has to go “let a bird out of the feeder” as they do not realize that they have to back up to get out.  Had some doves feeding on the ground this week.  It is  important to have water for the birds and other wildlife.  Heated water bowls from Farm and Home or farm King work really well.  I put a brick in the bottom so they will not blow away or be knocked over.  Just plug them in and remember to refill them as needed.

Got a call early Sunday morning.  One of my neighbors wanted the phone number of another neighbor.  The caller had not seen footprints around a home in Plymouth and had tried to check on the neighbor with no success so wanted the number to call and make sure everything was all right.  Fortunately, I had the number and all was well.  I am so thankful to live in a small town where people actually care enough to check on their neighbors.  Also remember the Biblical meaning of “your neighbor” which can be anyone not just those who live near you.  Though I am not one to “call” much, I love texting and every day I  send and receive texts   from friends.  That is a great way to know that both of us are doing well.  It is also a way to combat loneliness which can be a problem especially during this time of isolation.  Facebook is another great way to interact with others.  Just don’t get too wrapped up with face book as it can also be detrimental if you believe all you read or spend too much time with it.

Hope you are all doing well despite the cold weather.  Though it may not seem like it right now, spring will come.  I can’t wait for my flowers to come up or to begin blooming.  Look out for yourself and your neighbors.  Scatter Kindness.




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