We Are Community for the week of Feb 5th, 2024, by Joyce Steiner

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A friend and a cousin are in hospice care. Lost another high school class mate this week. Life is fragile.  Treasure each day.

I look at Facebook each day and there are some things which stand out.  I have had ground mounted solar panels for most of four years.  They are great.  Never any problems and they have paid for themselves.  They provide all the electric power my home uses.  Yet whenever there is an advertisement for going solar on Facebook the vitriol is immediate and hateful.  It is amazing the comments that are posted.  It is obvious that the people posting have no real knowledge of solar power.  Comments like snow, night, hail damage, not dependable like fossil fuel, ugly, use up land, not solar farms but real farms and on and on.  Look to be orchestrated by people who are filled with hate and don’t care that we have only one earth on which to live. Never any comments on the rape of the earth caused by extracting fossil fuels.  One should not be so quick to show their ignorance and hate or to follow blindly.

Phil has spoken.  We will have an early spring.  Statistics show that Phil is only correct about 40% of the time but I certainly hope he is correct this time.  January was a bummer.  We had a foot or so of snow and days that reached negative 16 degrees.  There were days and days of fog.  I think that most people are affected by both the low temperatures and the lack of sun.  I know that I am.  The average low temperature went up a degree this week.   Thus far February has been a gift.  My mood has lightened.  My sleep is better.  People have started to visit the store again.  I have daffodils coming up.  Spring has to be my favorite season.  Saw my first robin on Thursday in the Plymouth Park.  A rebirth of our corner of the earth and of the spirit.

The time of sunset has also gotten to be after 5 pm so I can once again take photos of the sunset after I close the store to share with friends and take a few moments to just stop and thank God for another day.

Had time to watch a bit of TV on Wednesday and as there were no shows that I particularly like, I turned to PBS. Interested in history and there was a program on Jamestown airing.  Scientists were examining a pit found at Jamestown.  It was filled with bones of horses, cats, dogs etc. and they were very surprised when they also found human bones in the pit.  Close examination showed that cannibalism had occurred at Jamestown.  Cannot even imagine what the circumstances must have been at that time to lead to this result.  We are so fortunate.

The Plymouth Village Hall has moved to the old bank building on the west side of the Square.  Should be more convenient for collecting water bills and doing village business.  The Village Board meets the first Wednesday of the month at 7 pm.  I urge village residents to attend the meetings so that they will be informed on what is happening or not happening in our small town.  I do not suggest attending if all you are there for is just to complain or criticize.  I’m afraid that being Village President or a Board member can be a pretty thankless job and members do not need unnecessary nasty comments or people talking out of turn during a meeting.

Think Spring.  Think longer days.  Think warmer days.  Think spring flowers and of rebirth.  Think of your friends and neighbors who are ill or who have lost loved ones.  Think to scatter kindness and Love and not negativity.


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