We Are Community for the week of Jan 29th, 2024, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 187

To say that January has been a challenge would be a gross understatement.  If memory serves correctly this all began about the 10th when I cancelled a doctor’s appointment due to impending road conditions.  Things just sort of went down hill from there.  Have mentioned my fear of below zero temperatures.  Quite a number of those days to deal with.  Then the snow which made me not take my car out of garage for over two weeks.  The heavy wet snow and the temperatures caused roofs to leak and streets to be slick.  And then as you all know; we have had days and days of fog due to the snow pack and the rising temperatures.  All I have to do is walk two blocks to the antique store.  I am so sorry for you with real jobs who have had to drive to work and who take care of farm animals.  You have to be a lot braver than I am.  Thank you for getting out of your homes and doing your best to keep everything open and animals well taken care of.  Such a big thank you to all the road crews who have kept the roads open and the others who have kept water and electricity flowing.

I am responsible for the money management of some organizations.  I am sure you know that savings accounts and interest-bearing checking accounts have had very low interest rates for quite a long time.  This leads one to look at alternative sources of interest.  Currently certificates of deposit, CD’s, are a better way to earn interest.  Before taking out a CD however, check different banks in your area.  Some pay higher rates of interest than others.  You might also check how often the interest is deposited as compounding interest helps the final return.  It is worth your time to make a few phone calls.

Have kept the kitties in the heated garage during the really cold days and nights.  Now when I invite them to go outside, they are reluctant to say the least.  They are getting really spoiled and I don’t blame them.  They can enjoy a heated garage, be fed and watered, enjoy green plants and just relax, why go out and lose all that.

Had a Chinese lunch at Hy-Vee last Sunday, the first day I braved getting my car out.  I needed some groceries!  Got a fortune cookie that said I won 6 glazed donuts.  Have not turned it in yet but plan to do so.  Nice.

Finally was able to go to church again today.  Church has been cancelled for the last two weeks.  During that time the heat went down and pipes froze and water was flowing in the east wing.  The heat now works in the sanctuary and the west wing but still does not in the east wing.  Thankful that 2/3 rds of the building is back to normal and thankful for those who have worked so hard to get everything fixed.

Attended the Plymouth Old Settler’s soup and potato fund raiser last night at the PCCC.  They do a really good job with the soups, potatoes and desserts.  I did not see any advertising so many of you may have missed it.  Hope they will get out better advertising next time as it is a really nice event and nice to be able to visit with friends and make new friends.

Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow.  I know we are all so ready.  Thankful to be able to go back to church and to have chicken at Rudy’s again.  Thankful for the warmer temperatures.  Thankful for all who have worked so hard and such long hours to keep everything going as well as possible.  Pray for your neighbors as COVID has hit again and I understand there is also a lot of pneumonia.  Let’s remember to thank God for all our blessings.  My roofs leak, but some others do not have roofs.  I worry about my furnace quitting but some others do not have a furnace.  I worry about getting my car out but some others do not have a car.  We are blessed.  Scatter kindness and Love.

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