We Are Community for the week of Jan 22nd, 2024, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 186

Have to keep telling myself that it is indeed Sunday and that I need to sit down and write this column.  Cannot be Sunday as we did not have church for the second Sunday in a row and I did not have chicken at Rudy’s which is a Sunday tradition.  The temperatures and road conditions have made it not practical to have church and it is my understanding that we also have some broken pipes at the church.  Hopefully next week.

I think we all like to criticize our electric suppliers but cannot tell them just how grateful I am that the electricity has stayed on during these terribly cold, snowy and windy days.  I would not like to climb a utility pole when it is well below 0.

Also, a really big hug and thank you to the Plymouth city crew, Tedd Simmons and Casey Cox.  Had low water pressure on Monday morning.  Then no water at all.  Must say I was relieved that my pipes had not frozen but so sorry for the guys when I learned that Plymouth had suffered a water main break.  It was fixed and the water back on before the day was over.  Had actually thought to draw a big pot of water before the break so had some drinking water and some water for emergencies.  The water had an interesting color for a while after the break and we had a boil order which was a good thing.  Thank you gentlemen.

I have U S Cellular and they must have been having some trouble with service too.  I can certainly understand that with the terribly cold temperatures and the snow.  I suspect snow and ice stick to the receivers on the towers and cause trouble with communication.  Any way had a circle with a diagonal bar through it for some times on Sunday and Monday.  Called to question if there was anything I could do and the nice lady told me to turn off my phone and turn it back on.  I should have thought of that myself!  Don’t know if she did anything else but did get my phone operating again.  It is amazing just how uncomfortable we feel when we know we have no phone service.  And to think that many of us remember when there were no cell phones!

No matter what the weather, I go to the store to feed the ferals and check everything.  While there I might as well stay for a few hours and open the store.  A few customers in despite the weather.  Thank you brave souls.  Had a God wink this week at the store.  I had several of what we call “gunny sacks” at the store which belonged to a friend.  Saw another friend buy some at a recent auction so asked him if he would be interested in mine.  He called to ask if I would be open one day this week and said he was coming to look at the sacks.  Amazingly the fella who owned them showed up at exactly the same time and they made a deal.  Now what are the chances of that happening!

There are some really good things about living in a small rural community.  My driveway is pretty much snowed in and my bird and squirrel food was running low so I called the elevator in Augusta to see if someone could deliver some oil sunflower seeds to my home.  They said it was not a problem and delivered two bags of sunflower seeds to the front of my garage.  My furry and feathered friends are grateful as I am.  Thank You.

I am sure we are all ready for spring.  I am ready for warmer weather which is promised this week.

Remember those who keep your power on and your water flowing and tell them thank you!  It would also be good to check on your neighbors who live alone.  Sometimes its difficult to remember just how very blessed we are when living conditions are difficult.  Scatter kindness and love.

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