We Are Community for the week of Feb 7th, 2022, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 83 by Joyce Steiner

I carry a pocket full of credit cards because they give you money back if you carry the right ones-of course you need to pay them off each month to actually make money using them.  I also keep all my receipts and compare them to the statement each month.  I do like math even though many don’t!  Well, a couple of months ago, I noticed I had a $14 interest charge so I called the company.  Seems that I had subtracted incorrectly and sent $100 too little.  The lady looked at my payment record and took off the interest charges.  I paid the full amount plus the $100.  This month when I was balancing my credit card statement, there was a $25.01 interest charge!  Called again and again was told that the charge would be removed but was not told why it was there.  The only possible reason that I can come up with is that they charged me $25.01 interest on the $14 interest which she told me they had removed.  The moral of this story is first ALWAYS ask for your charge slip and second always compare the slips to your bill.  The interest rates on credit cards are really high if you don’t pay them off each month.

The topic of the week has to be our snow.  We got a lot of it in Plymouth.  I do not remember ever seeing it pile up the way this snow did.  I have benches and other things around my back door and the snow piled on each of them making some pretty interesting designs.  A chimney cap had a nine-inch snow pile on its edges.  A bench had pyramid shaped snow piles on each slat.  A kitty statue was completely covered with a snow pile except for its nose.  Have some really interesting photos from my yard.  Hope you were able to enjoy some of the beauty of the snow as well as just having to shovel it.

Spring is really on the way.  The average low temperature has gone from 18 to 20 degrees.

I went to Quincy on Monday and noticed one person in short shorts.  There was also a person in shorts in Bowen this morning.  I am just not that brave!  Was interesting that I could not buy groceries on Monday because the parking lots were full.  Think that everyone heard the weather reports and stocked up.  Luckily, I could live a month or two without buying anything.

Walked to the store both Wednesday and Thursday.  Just not brave enough to try to get back into my garage once I was out of it.  Always have to go to the store as there are ferals to feed and care for even if there are no customers.  The snow was so deep that I had to dig kitty paths to the feed and water bowls as well as dig out the entrances to the feral houses.  They always do tell me just how much they appreciate my efforts which makes it all worthwhile.

The birds and squirrels have eaten a lot this week also.  Always have out feeders and fresh water for them.  It is not far to go to Augusta to stock up on sun flower and bird seed at the elevator.  So glad that they carry both.

Love to watch the Olympics and they started this week.  Is interesting to see the empty stands and all the precautions in place to try to keep everyone healthy.  Must be very disappointing to not be able to have family members and friends there to cheer for the contestants.

Next week is Valentine’s Day.  Be sure to tell someone just how much you appreciate them.  Have a great week.  Scatter cards, flowers and candy!



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