We Are Community for the week of Feb. 14th, 2022 by Joyce Steiner


Our Sympathy to the family of Shirley Breeden who passed away in Golden on Wednesday.  She was the wife of Jerry Breeden.  Her memorial is for the Plymouth Women’s Circle Community Center.

Barry Whitaker of Bowen passed away unexpectedly on Saturday.  His celebration of life was held at the Living Faith UMC on Thursday.  His sister is Becky Ramsey of Bowen.

These two people will certainly be missed by all their family and friends.  So very sorry.

Now good news.  My furnace was fixed on Monday after several weeks of being on “a wing and a prayer”.  The Olympics are being broadcast many hours each day and I find watching them very enjoyable.  GO USA.

I actually saw a bob cat on Monday.  I have heard stories of them being seen on trail cams but had never seen one in real life.  Very pretty animal.  I hope that they will be given a chance to increase in population.

The Plymouth village Board meeting was held on Tuesday evening.  There was discussion of lights for the ball park, equipment for the police car, memorial plaques around town, a possible fountain, another quote to tear down the house on west Maine street and more.  All members were present with one being on the phone but able to vote on all issues.

And then there was only one.  If you have followed my column for these many years, I have spoken of the Royal Family.  That was Victor, Victoria, Prince William and Prince Harry.  You know that they have a summer home in a garden shed and a winter home in a garage and that I move them back and forth.  You may also remember that the family began from two tiny Maine Coon kittens picked up on the Plymouth Square nearly 20 years ago.  Victoria had kidney failure this week and now only Prince Harry survives.  They were such lovely long-haired kitties that really do look somewhat like coons.   I have not yet told Prince Harry about his mother.

Went to buy groceries on Monday.  Found that the grocery store shelves were not well stocked at Aldi or Walmart.  Also found that Campbell’s soup was actually cheaper at HyVee than at Walmart. Need to stop assuming.

This week contains Valentine’s Day.  A wonderful day if you have a caring partner and perhaps not so much if you don’t.  It is a really good holiday for florists and stores which sell candy and cards.  Hope someone sends each of you a Valentine but if not, why not treat yourself to a nice box of candy or some flowers!  You know candy or flowers are a great idea any time as they just make one feel better.  Have a great week.  Try to remember to tell your Valentine just how much they are appreciated.  Again, scatter cards, candy and flowers this week.


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