We Are Community for the week of Feb 28th, 2022, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community by Joyce Steiner

This week contained Twosday.  The date was 2-22-22.  I thought we would have another one in about 11 years until it occurred to me that March will never have 33 days.  So got to thinking that the next time this can happen is 1-11-2111.  Guessing most of us will not see that date.  Anyway, hope you noticed Twosday because it was an interesting mathematical event.

It seems that most auctions are online auctions these days and though I don’t like them, I have to bid on some of them.  There was an online auction for the Woodrums this week and I got a few nice things for the store.  Picked them up on Monday in Macomb and used Google Maps on my phone for practice as I have to learn how to use that feature.  The “lady” is very precise and helpful.

Always am reading so when I finished my current novel, I picked up some Reader’s Digests that I had not gotten read when the arrived.  One of them listed the top 5 road trips in the United States.  Imagine my surprise that two of them were near us.  The article was by Melissa Klurman.  Number one on her list was Route 66.  One of her suggested must sees on Routh 66 is the giant catsup bottle in Collinsville, IL.  You can pick up Rote 66 at Mclean which is not far from here.  3rd on her list is Iowa’s great river road.  She suggests starting at Keokuk and traveling to Lansing, a distance of 241 miles.  I love the river road from Hamilton to Nauvoo but have not traveled the other side of the river.  Now I’m going to have to do that.  The others mentioned were Florida’s beaches, some national parks and a part of New England.  Should be of interest to all those who think Illinois is Chicago or corn fields.

We have had a snow dump for the last three Thursdays.  Was really pretty happy that this week we only had about a half inch.  Much better than the previous two weeks.

Always have bird food out and have been having a lot of sparrows, blue jays and Cardinals.  One day this week when I looked out my kitchen window, the ground under a squirrel feeder was covered with finches.  Normally have a number of finches working the bird feeders but not this year.  The finches were only here for a day so guess they were traveling through.  Also saw several large flocks of geese flying but as they were going southwest  not sure if they were migrating or just going back to the Mississippi.  I do think spring is soon to arrive and I am ready.

My kitties are getting so well trained that they are now ready to go to bed.  Smokey and Harold come when I raise the garage door to put the car in and Beauty has actually been going into her garage without my urging.  That is quite a nice change from their normal behavior.

Pastor Sheri is on a Walk to Emmaus in Quincy.  That is a weekend experience for growing closer to God and perhaps understanding ourselves and others better.  The Closing is today in Quincy and several of us will attend.  If you get the chance to go on a Walk, it is a very powerful experience.

After several weeks of posturing, Russia has made an all-out invasion on Ukraine. I, safely in my home, cannot imagine the absolute horror or this situation.    Ukraine is an independent country with many natural resources and Russia wants those resources.  We have no idea how far this will go, but we should be very concerned.  It is unthinkable to me that our former president continues to idolize Russia’s leader.  Please pray for a quick end to this aggression.  Pray for the people of Ukraine.  Also pray for our troops who are traveling to the region to shore up NATO.  It is time for America to unite in opposition to the Russian invasion.

Please pray for world peace now more than ever.



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