We Are Community for the week of March 7th, 2022, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community by Joyce Steiner

Sadly the world lost Barb Clem on February 28th.  She was very active in Living Faith UMC before moving to Burlington.  Our sympathy to her family and friends.

I often tell people just how happy I am to be living in Illinois.  This week I was reminded just how happy I am to be living in West Central Illinois.  I often take photos of the sunset.  One does not have a long time period to do that.  I had been to the church for Ash Wednesday and when I was driving home, it was sunset time so I pulled off the road to take some photographs.  Very shortly after I pulled off, someone stopped to see if I needed help.  Though this time I did not need help, I was so grateful that someone would check on me.  Thank You.

Wednesday was not only Ash Wednesday but it was also the day I saw my first robin of the season and it was warm enough to ride my bicycle.

Lowderman’s had a live auction on Thursday.  There are so many online auctions now and so few live ones that I was excited to be able to actually attend an auction.  Was very happy to be able to fill my van with great things for the store.  Got some smalls, some furniture and a bunch of quilts.  Good day.

Adams has been suggesting that “we cut the cable” for a couple of years.  But you know how we all hate change so I hung onto cable TV until the price just became ridiculous for the little time I actually watch TV.  There was a form to fill out on which cannels were a must for me, so I filled in the form.  Was called back promptly and a young man came to my house Friday morning.  He unhooked my five cable boxes and took my five remotes with about 40 buttons on each of them.  They were replaced with some wires and a much smaller remote with few keys on it.  Yea!  I am still learning to use Roku but think I will get it all figured out soon.  The installation cost was not cheap but the monthly cost is half what I was paying and the number of channels and possibilities seem really good.  Guess we should be less resilient to change but that gets harder the older one gets.

Want to thank the Journal Pilot for changing the advertiser on the Walter ad.  It is a Chevrolet ad not a Ford one.  Sorry.  Walter is so entertaining that I looked at his antics and not who the commercial was for.

We had a couple of warm days this week and a peek at spring.  I know we are all so ready for spring.  The every Thursday snow dumps have gone on for long enough.  We had some rough weather on Saturday evening but again were lucky as I understand there was a lot of damage and several deaths in Iowa though I have not seen any news programs since Saturday evening.

We had breakfast at church this morning.  We also had nine children for the children’s moments.  So good to see people returning to church attendance.

I have mentioned that I am catching up on old Reader’s Digests.  Found a quote that I liked.  “Know that you can start waves of goodness with people that you count on, respect, and love.  Just tell them you miss them, love them or just see them”.

Who among us would not like to start  “waves of goodness”.  If there is someone in your thoughts this week, why not take a moment to tell that that you miss them if you haven’t seen them for a while or better yet, go see them.  I think we should also tell those around us that we love them more often than we do.  Be bold, scatter both kindness and love this week and every week.


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