We Are Community for the week of Jan 10th, 2022, by Joyce Steiner


It is nine days into the year 2022.  I know we all hoped for a better year than the last couple.  Sorry that this column will start off with sad news instead of a bright new year.  Plymouth lost two people just this week.  Our sympathy to the family on Norma Gooding who fought cancer very courageously for a long time.  She will certainly be missed by friends and family.  Also heard that Ralph Wickert passed away yesterday.  Both these people lived on East Main Street.  We are also all saddened to hear that Brody Hamilton passed.  The whole community has been with him during his battle with cancer.  So sorry.  One of my classmates also passed this week from covid. Attended the visitation for a life long friend on Monday evening.  We all know that we are mortal but certainly do not want to be reminded of it so often.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all these people and their family and friends.

I love Hallmark movies.  As everyone knows Betty White recently passed.  She had just made a movie for Hallmark.  They may have released it sooner than expected as it was on last Sunday.  She was a lovely actress and the movie was very good even though the subject matter was serious and sad.  Thank you Hallmark.

Harry has a new bed.  He has been sleeping on the rug in front of the sink.  Monday I got him a new soft, fluffy bed and he adores it.  Now I can scoot him away from the sink a bit and it is easier to cook and do dishes.

There have been a couple of absolutely gorgeous sunsets this week.  Was headed to Macomb on Friday evening to pick up a kitty from the vet and had to pull off the road two times to take photos. Cant just take photos when it is convenient!

I often stop in to see how Adrian and Curtis Baldwin are coming on the Baldwin building.  One day this week when I stopped, I found a new wall being built near the east end of the room which is on the south side of the building.   Was told that they have decided to put a small apartment in the space where the pizza place was by enlarging the bathroom, adding a shower and moving out a wall to make a hallway.  Should be a cute and homey apartment.  It is exciting to see all the improvements they are making on the building.  Understand that it is almost completely rewired, plumbing moved, roof repaired, air leaks fixed, a new stage built and more.  So glad the building will be saved for future generations.

Since the weather has gotten markedly colder and that we now have snow pack, it is even more important to put out food and water for the birds and other furry friends.  I keep a heated pet bowl on top of a very large stump, another on the porch steps, two more in the old garage and one uptown for the ferals.  Having a source of water in the winter is very important for all.  Am sure the possum who comes to my porch nightly appreciates the water as well as the kitty food.

One of the papers which normally carries my column refused to print it this week because I finally talked about a “homeless” person.  In my opinion homelessness must be addressed whether chosen or inflicted.  Everyone deserves a decent, safe place to live.  I contribute monthly to Habitat for Humanity which tries to give people decent, affordable housing.

Covid is rampant.  If you have your shots, statistics show that you may still get covid but you probably will not end up in the hospital or die from it.  Do your very best to stay safe.

I still wish love, happiness and joy for each of us and to that I will now add good health. “God bless us everyone”.

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