We Are Community for the week of Jan 17th, 2022, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community by Joyce steiner

Each of us should learn something every day.  Today I learned that possums can growl really well, that sitting on the patio at night in 23-degree weather surrounded by snow is good for the soul and that a driveway cleared with a snow blower is better than a driveway cleared with heavier equipment.

I went to the garage to feed some of my kitties and when I entered the garage was met with hearty growling sounds.  I knew there was not a problem as both Reddie and Lone Ranger were not the least upset other than that their food bowl was empty.   Tracked the sound to a large possum huddled in a corner.  Really good offense.

The neighbor was having the snow on her drive cleared so asked the gentleman to also clear mine with his snow blower.  He did a great job and the lightweight snow blower did not pack the remaining snow into ice as heavier equipment tends to do.

Was able to attend the Heartland Greenway meeting held in Mt. Sterling on Wednesday evening to provide information on the proposed carbon dioxide pipe line to run through our area.  The presentation was very well thought out.  We were met at the door by Laura Kent Donahue, a well- known and former politician from the Quincy area.  There were five information tables around the outside of the room.  The presentation was given by a lovely young lady dressed in jeans who immediately introduced herself as a farm raised girl.  After the presentation, questions were not allowed from the floor.  Rather you were asked to go to one of the tables for further information.  All of these circumstances were well thought out.  Not allowing questions from the floor allowed the meeting to be totally controlled by the company and to not let the meeting “get out of hand”.  I found that Illinois is the only place with the rock formations needed to hold the liquified carbon dioxide so it was not a matter of the company just randomly choosing a site to dump the product.  Glad that I was able to attend.

Norma Gooding was carried to her final resting place by six women.  They were Sabrina Hoing, Brenda Ohnemus, Pat Rash, Lori Dobbins, Sue Roberts and Shelva Schoonover.  Having all six pallbearers be women was a first for Hamilton Funeral Home.

Snow was predicted for our area on Friday going into Saturday morning.  The prediction was correct.  While at the store on Friday, I looked out the window to find huge fluffy chunks of snow falling.  It was pretty amazing and lovely as I did not have to drive far in it and that there was no ice under it.  It was wet enough to cling to the tree limbs and make an absolutely beautiful winter scene.

Mary Hohe asked that I give a shout out to our local libraries.  She said how much she appreciates the great service given by the Golden, Bowen, Plymouth and Augusta libraries.  Thank you.

There are many types of love.  We love our homes, our pets, our sports teams and more.  We love pizza and chicken pot pie.  We love the people around us.  With our current covid situation causing so many people to be sick and some to pass on, perhaps it is more important than ever to tell those around us that we love them.  To each of you reading this, I love you.  Thank you for being in my life.


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