We Are Community for the week of Jan 24th, 2022, by Joyce Steiner

We are Community 81 by Joyce Steiner

Ed Newton called me on Thursday to tell me that his brother, Tony Newton, had passed away this week.  Plymouth has been especially hard hit recently losing four neighbors in a two-block area on East Main Street-Lyman Lambert, Norma Gooding, Donna McCutchan and Ralph Wickert.  Our sympathy to the families and friends of these people.

On a brighter note, there has been a rose on the alter at Living Faith for each of the last two Sundays honoring the birth of new babies.

Several people mentioned a “wolf moon” this week.  Looked it up on Google and it said that a wolf moon is the first full moon of the New Year.  It is called that because wolves would howl at the moon near farms and also that they were probably trying to attract a mate.  Howling anyone?

My house has a round turret.  It also has a lot of windows in it.  The windows are curved.  If you have checked for the curved storm window section at Menards, you have found that they don’t have one.  As a result, I have flat storm windows on curved house windows.  Since they do not fit perfectly, there is some air leak.  I can pretty much tell the temperature by how much frost is on the turret windows.  The temperature got very low this week so I had frost.  I also have landscape lights which shine on the windows at night and I can see them from my bedroom.  I noticed that the frost designs were especially beautiful and intricate this week so I got my phone and started taking photos.  I can crop and enlarge photos with my phone so did so.  Got some really nice photos of ice crystals and shared them on Facebook.  It was good to find natures beauty.  As my furnace needs a part which is not available, really low temperatures can be pretty stressful for me and finding beauty in the frost designs helped.

Had some huge paw prints in my yard this week.  They were so unusual that I took photos of them and asked a hunting friend if he knew what they were.  He sent a comparison of the prints of a dog, a coyote and a wolf. My prints appeared to be those of a coyote because of how the two middle toes pointed inward.  However, later in the week a neighbor said her huge dog was loose.  Would prefer to think they were dog prints rather than coyote because I have several kitties and coyotes are not always kind to kitties.

Last week I mentioned that there are many types of love.  Also, that we should tell those around us that we love them.  One of this week’s Bible readings was close to I Corinthians 13:1 so I continued reading.  It says “If I speak in the tongues of men and angels but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal”.  There is such a political divide right now.  It can be really difficult to love someone that refuses to get a covid shot or with whom we simply do not agree.  Yet, we need to try!  “Love your neighbor as yourself” remembering that all are your neighbors.


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