We Are Community for the week of Jan 16th, 2023, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 132

Mark your calendars now for the Plymouth Old Settler’s Soup and Potato Bar to be held Saturday, January 28th from 4:30 to 7:00 pm at the PCCC.  They will be having a potato bar and chili, vegetable and chicken noodle soups plus dessert and drink for $9 for adults.  You may also carry out soup for $7 per quart.

Kitty food has been in short supply in Macomb so traveled to Keokuk last Monday.  Found both kitty food and electric water bowls at Farm and Home.  The Keokuk Farm and Home store is huge and they seem to have everything one could possibly need.  While I was in Keokuk, it was lunch time so stopped at a Pizza Hut for the lunch buffet.  Has been a very long several years since I have been at a buffet other than Rudy’s chicken on Sundays.  Enjoyed several different kinds of pizza as well as salad.

Went directly from Keokuk to Macomb to pick up my new glasses.

We have had a couple of lovely sunny days this week but the store was open so I spent the afternoons doing hotel/motel taxes and finishing caning a chair I had been working on for some time.

The week had been really quiet and wondered just what I would write about tonight.  One should never ask that question.  Wanted to see “A Man Named Otto” since it had both Tom Hanks and a kitty as stars.  After church and Rudy’s, went to Macomb to the movie.  During the movie, my phone vibrated.  When I checked it after the show, it was my niece telling me that they were at the hospital with her mother, my sister-in-law.  Seems she had fallen on Friday and thought she was all right when in fact she had a broken hip.  They are operating even as I write this on Sunday night to replace the hip ball.

When I walked into the emergency room, one of my cousins from near St. Louis was sitting there.  Seems her sister was also at McDonough District Hospital.  Prayers for both of these families.

While driving home, I noticed a symbol which had never been on my dash board before.  Checked the manual for what the light meant and it was not there.  Called my neighbor to come and check it and see if he knew what the light was for.  Turned out I had accidentally hit the cruse control and the symbol was for the cruse control.   That was very good news as my VW is currently awaiting an appointment in Peoria with the VW dealer and I am not driving it.

A couple of times this week, I have been awakened by a furry purr near my face. Now have to lock the hallway door so that Puff does not come up and join me while I am sleeping.  She is so cute but I do have a BnB in my home and do not want any allergic reactions from my guests so no pets are allowed upstairs.

Am so grateful that the January temperatures have been so mild thus far.  May it continue.  With gas and electric prices so much higher than normal, we all really need warm weather.

Discovered that a gentleman from Canada who reads this column also writes one for a newspaper in Canada.  Cool!

Have a great week.  Pray for those who are ill, there are so many people that need our thoughts and prayers.  Scatter Kindness and Love.  If you see a stray kitty, you might also give it a home.  If both Tom Hanks and I can do that, so can you.

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