We Are Community for the week of Jan 23rd, 2023, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 133

It is my understanding that Plymouth lost two long time residents this week-Ralph Twaddle and Arlene Clayton.  Our sympathy to both their family and friends.

Went to a movie last Sunday.  There were two surprisingly long lines to get tickets as they were selling them at the concession stand.  After waiting through several “no ice please, more butter, may I have a straw”, I reached the register only to be told “this is a card only line”.  Wish all life’s problems were that easy to solve!

Later while waiting for the news and weather to come on, I was watching a football game.  Don’t remember ever seeing a 98 yard touchdown before.  That was kind of neat.

Stopped by Aldi’s on Thursday after supper at Hy-Vee.  One freezer case was completely filled with Butter Ball turkeys at 49 cents per pound.  Turkeys may not be popular in January but one now resides in my freezer.  One just cannot pass up a price like that.

January has been dark and gray if you haven’t noticed.  Think people are just staying home.  Finally had customers at the antique store on both Friday and Saturday.  Thank you for getting out.  Also had two couples at the B&B on Friday who were doing training with the fire department on Saturday.

Frequently I get phone calls asking “is this the antique store?”  I so want to say “no I haven’t taught it to talk yet or which building do you wish to speak to” but as yet I have not done that.  Guess I think that one needs to be a bit professional.  Perhaps it would make more sense to ask “is this the owner of the antique store?”

Stopped at a gas station where the sign said 3.59 but the pump said 3.39.  Nice surprise.

This morning our pastor went row by row in church asking if there were prayer requests. It is just amazing how many people need our prayers.  There seem to be so many people dealing with cancer as well as other problems.  Two friends have fallen and broken bones and are now in nursing homes for rehabilitation.  Keep Please keep all those who are ill in your thoughts and prayers.

Living Faith is organizing a visitation team.  The main focus of this team will be to visit the “shut ins” whether they be at home or in a facility. Of course, this got my mind going.  We immediately think of the elderly.  Am not sure just when someone becomes “elderly”.  Anyway, why stop there.  It is not only the elderly who need visits.  Calls, cards, a note, a flower, a text, a smile, a visit-all would be appreciated by a person of any age.  People do not have to be “elderly” to need a visit or a friend.  Reach out, it probably will do as much for the person who does the reaching as it does for the person receiving the kind gesture.

Have a good week.  Pray to see the sun.  Pray for those who need a lift and make a sincere effort to reach out to someone who could use a smile or a kind gesture this week.

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