We Are Community for the week of Jan 30th, 2023, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 134

My washer and dryer are threatening to go on strike unless I give them overtime pay.  It has been an interesting week.

Received a call on Monday that the new pastor and his family for the Plymouth Baptist Church would be arriving in Plymouth on Tuesday.  However, their belongings would not be arriving until Friday from Alabama.  Wondered if I might have room for a family of five during the wait. Come on over!  Had texted with Mrs. Gilliland previously and knew we would get along well.  Even thought we might be related as Ben Gentry seniors mother was a Gilliland.  Anyway, the family settled in on Tuesday.  They brought three sons with them.  Ages 25 down to 16.  Great family.  I predict that the Baptist Church will have in influx of young ladies very soon.

Also heard that a family moved into the stone house this week.  Am excited to have new people in Plymouth.  Please welcome our new residents if you see them.  Is an interesting time we live in where people can work from home and are therefore more able to live where they choose.

Monday I headed to Quincy as had not been there for quite a while.  I had an Applebee’s gift card so ate there.  Found there was no shortage of kitty food in Quincy.  Interesting as Macomb Walmart has had no cat food for a very long time and I have been picking up a bag whenever I could find one.  Well, I am supplied for a long time! Also noticed on Monday that I had both daffodils and hyacinths up.  Think this is bad timing on their part as they will freeze this week.  Also a new moon.

Wednesday we had a beautiful but short-lived snow.  As it was very wet, it clung to the trees just long enough to get a few pictures.

Thursdays I often go to Macomb for steak at Hy-Vee.  I got there before 6 pm but the sign on the food case said they were all out.  Disappointed but had a tenderloin which would have been great if I had not had my mind set on steak.

Friday an Amish crew started a building just to the south and east of my home.  Was absolutely amazed how much they got up in only one day.  Think the entire frame is in place.

Friday was not a good day at the store.  Went into Antiques Too with a customer and found a flood in progress near the back of the store.  The building has a flat coated roof and evidentially it had been cold enough for the roof coating to separate and was leaking badly.  There are now half a dozen large plastic tubs to catch drips and Curtis and Adrian Baldwin did what they could to repair the leaks with the temperatures being too cold to do much.

Saturday the Plymouth Old Settlers Committee had a fund raiser at the PCCC.  When the ladies arrived to begin the meal, the building was cold.  Seems none of the furnaces were working.  The Baldwins spent all day there and got one working enough to warm the building for the event.   Very grateful for their help.  A new part has been ordered and a lot of cleaning done to the furnaces. Also had a new B&B guest on Saturday.  He was Randy Davis from “Drawing Closer Ministries” from Branson.  He was here to give a presentation for Rev. Lee Unger’s church.

Hope your week was busy and good but without the flood and the broken furnaces.  Also hope that my flowers are a harbinger of spring and that they will not get badly frozen.  Have a good week.  Welcome February and scatter kindness and love.

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