We Are Community for the week of July 18th, 2022, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 106

Mentioned last week that I went to a stoneware auction in Pittsfield on Saturday.  It was a great day for sewer tile animals.  If you don’t know what those are, think of the old-time tile used to drain fields and used anywhere drainage was needed.  Then think of individual hand -made animals of that same material and a few made in molds too.  I love them and got a lot of them Saturday.  Need to sell a few to support my collection so took a few to 3rd Sunday Market this weekend and sold a couple of frogs.  Anyway, I spent Monday unloading the van so I could pack and reload.

The Buck moon was in its greatest glory on Wednesday evening of last week.  The Nauvoo and British pageants are also playing in Nauvoo from July 5th to the 30th so a friend and I decided to go on Wednesday as the weather was to be good and we hoped to observe the full moon too.  We sat at the entrance gate for an hour to listen to the Nauvoo Pageant bag pipe band. I did not see one single person I knew from our area yet there were bus loads of people attending from Texas.  There are approximately 3000 seats and I think they were pretty well filled and, on a Wednesday, too.  One can go to the seating early and reserve a seat so we got to sit in the 3rd row. The pageant has been improved since I saw it last.  Seemed to me that there was more of a story line.  We saw the British pageant as opposed to the Nauvoo pageant.  It tells of several of the families who left the British Isles to come to Nauvoo.  If you are interested in some of the rich history of Hancock County, you might enjoy a trip to Nauvoo to see the pageants.  They are Tuesday through Saturday with festivities beginning at 7 pm and the pageant at 8:30 pm.  Everything is free and you will be warmly welcomed by friendly and helpful people.   As promised, the moon was spectacular and I got some great photos of the moon with the temple and a flag.

Traffic at the store has been down for a while but it seemed to pick up near the end of the week.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by.

Headed for Bloomington fairly early Saturday morning and got there with no mishaps and got set up even though it was really pretty hot while doing so.  Sold a few things on Saturday and was pleased with my sales on Sunday.  My economic report is stronger this month as I got several checks and was asked to use a credit card.  Of course, since my phone has no service in Bloomington, had to decline use of the credit card.  It is my feeling that people use cash when in their mind the economy is weak and feel freer to use checks and credit when things are better.  My niece came to help me load and then we went to my all-time favorite restaurant in Bloomington where I feasted on bar be que ribs and brisket plus much more.  Will not need to eat tomorrow but probably will anyway.

A really big thank you to Adrian and Curtis Baldwin who have been working on the lot behind the store and the back porch of the store.  Also have been mowing my yard.  It gets really difficult for one “little old lady” to run a couple of businesses and keep up with all the yard work too.  Thank You!

Well, it has been a very long and busy week.  I hope you all had a good week also.  Hope you got to enjoy the Buck moon.  One of this weeks Bible reading was from Amos chapter 8 and it reminded us to take care of the poor.  If it is possible for you to help someone less fortunate, please try to do so.  Scatter Kindness.

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