We Are Community for the week of July 11th, 2022, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 105

Decided that July 4th would have been a good day to rob a bank in Hancock County as all the officers and vehicles were in the parade at Carthage-also, two K9 dogs. Good to see so many officers. Also loved the Nauvoo Pageant bag pipe band.  After the afternoon’s entertainment in Carthage, went to Macomb for their fireworks.  Happy Birthday America.

On Wednesday, the Buss Stop in Augusta was filled with well-wishers for Mary Hohe’s 98th birthday.  We were treated to a pizza dinner complete with cake and candy from Glory Candy Shop in Augusta.  We played bingo with cards made from events in Mary’s life. Hope it was a great birthday, Mary!

On Thursday I attended the “Open to the World Auction” at Lowderman Auction near Macomb.  There were 50 quilts but I only got five of them.  The price of furniture is really sad. Antique furniture pieces that would have brought over a hundred dollars a few years ago now go for very little.  Real walnut pieces have lasted over a hundred years and will last for many more, while today’s saw dust paper covered “wood” will soon fall apart.  For a few hours Hy-Vee had gas at 4.49.

Friday was spent pricing things from the auction and getting them in place in the store.  In the evening I was allowed into a lovely home to purchase some antiques as the seller is moving to a smaller home.  Was just a beautiful home and the setting was breath taking.  I know it would not be easy to give up one’s long-time home.  When my husband passed, having our home was a comfort to me.

The lady who lives in my phone can have attitude.  There was a stoneware auction in Pittsfield on Saturday so I asked her to navigate to Pittsfield.  She wanted to go to the park and I wanted to go to the auction house.  Periodically throughout the day she reminded me I was “lost”.  I asked her to navigate back to Plymouth.  When she suggested that I turn off the highway on to an unknown black top, I ignored her.  She then made the screen go black and refused to talk to me after that!  Good that I do normally have a decent sense of direction.  Got a van load of sewer tile animals, a fish for a friend, and some crocks and lamp brackets for the store.  Fun day.

Rushed home so that I could attend the “Pendulum-A Tribute to Credence Clearwater Revival” concert at the Legacy Theater. It was great.  There are screens on either side of the stage and video played during much of the concert.  Much of the video was from the Viet Nam era which brings back sad memories for my generation.  Dated a Vet whose job it was to place coffins in an airplane so that the weight distribution was balanced.  I can not even imagine the effect that would have on one.  Other friends still suffer greatly from being part of that war.  Only now are those vets getting some positive recognition for the awful disruption to their lives. Anyway, the concert was well attended and much of the video was nice.

We needed rain and boy did we get rain this week.  Think I had a total of 3.4 inches in my rain gage but many in the area had much more.  As I have been mentioning our church needs a new roof and every available container was put to use to catch rain water in the chapel.  The materials for the roof arrive on the 15th and work begins on the 18th.  Now all we need is the money to pay for the roof.  Thank you to the Julie Randall memorial which will help with the cost.  There will be some fund raisers, so stay tuned for them.  A couple of great ideas were expressed at church this morning.

Have a great week.  One of my favorite songs contains the words “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me”.  May you find peace and may your actions help bring it to others around you.

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