We Are Community for the week of July 4th, 2022, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 104

Want to wish Mary Hohe a happy 98th birthday on the 7th.  Why not send her a birthday card at 99 Center Street, Augusta, IL 62311.  She is a very special lady.

Julia Randall passed away on June 28th.  Services were held Tuesday at Living Faith UMC where she was a member. Pastor Sheri Renner officiated.  I grew up in a small farming community north of Tennessee, IL.  We all went to Cherry Grove country school.  The sister of my class mate Julia, Judith Forner Thompson, passed on Sunday June 26th.  These ladies will be missed by friends and family.

Learned that Sullivans’s Antiques and More, a mall I am in in Quincy, is closing and things need to be moved out by the end of .July.  Started moving things home on Monday.  Also picked up auction items in Bushnell on Monday.  My store is packed and will be even fuller when I get everything home.  Put a lot of things on sale to make more room!!  Come see me.

When I went to vote on election day in Plymouth, there were a lot of people there casting ballots.  Good to see so many people vote.

Got a notice this week that I owed Illinois interest on my taxes.  As I had written a check and it had cleared, I was not upset and asked my tax person, John Dittmer, to please straighten it out for me.  It is really nice to have a professional to help with problems.

Had a guest at the B&B for three days this week and another book for Saturday night.  Must admit that I was happy when the Saturday night booking cancelled because that allowed me to go to Nauvoo for their 4th of July celebration.  Nauvoo is a lovely spot to go watch fire works because one is on a high hill overlooking the Mississippi river.  You can see other displays across the river as well as those put on by Nauvoo and Montrose.  The evening was beautiful.  There was a crescent moon in the western sky and a very pretty pink sunset.  The bag pipe band from the Nauvoo pageant played as well as the Nauvoo band.  Lots of people in attendance.  My evening was made even more special when a young girl came over and gave me a glow in the dark bracelet.

Saw three deer on the way to church this morning-one was a tiny fawn.  There were many animals out last night when coming home from Nauvoo.  It was quite a challenge to not hit any of them. Recognized many coons, cats and more but there were other just shiny eyes.

In my opinion, the Supreme Court has become very political.  The land mark Roe vs Wade law was overturned recently.  They also ruled on an environmental issue making it more difficult to control pollution.  If a few individuals and companies control most of the world’s wealth, it does not speak well for the people of the world.  If pollution destroys the only planet on which we live, what good is wealth.  Somehow our politicians have to relearn working together for the good of all.  It is not right to favor the wealthy over working people.  It is not right to allow the pollution of our earth solely to make more profit. Hatefulness is not acceptable.  We will not agree with everything other people believe but we should listen and if we cannot agree, just agree to disagree and move on.  Politics of division and hatred is never good.  As we celebrate the birthday of our country this week, may we seek unity rather than division. There is a reason for the sentiment “divide and conquer”.

It seems that there have been so many depart from us.  Our country is divided.  Ukraine continues to suffer unimaginable loss.  It would be easy to crawl under the rug and remain there.  However the Bible tells us that “weeping may endure for a night but rejoicing comes in the morning”.  Hopefully each of us can help make that “morning” come just a little bit sooner.

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