We Are Community for the week of June 27th, 2022, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 103

Interesting week.  Will not be able to tell you all but will try to hit the high points.

There was a group of over 100 Civil War letters written by two Bell brothers from Plymouth on a Will Sullivan auction this week. I live in Plymouth.  My home was owned by a Bell family before us.  I wanted to keep the letters in our area and eventually give them to the Historic Society so I started bidding.  Had the bid for quite some time even though I had to raise it periodically.  I have not been in on a high dollar on line auction and don’t think I was prepared for the bid to rise several thousand dollars in the last couple of minutes.  Anyway, despite getting to my computer over an hour before the bidding ended, I was not able to get the letters for Hancock County.  Sigh…

Have mentioned that Living Faith is putting a new roof on the steep parts and the entry way.  The finance committee met on Monday morning to discuss how we are going to be able to pay for all this.  We applied for a grant from Macomb and I carried the request to the proper person.  We are also accepting donations.

Finally got unloaded from 3rd Sunday Market and got everything put away.

Got up at 4:30 am to see the planet alignment this week.  The weather station predicted mostly cloudy but the clouds were in the west not the east and the viewing were beautiful.  I could not see all six planets but when I came home and looked at a diagram, Mercury was quite close to the horizon and I am sure it was hidden by the corn which grew a lot this hot and humid week.  Anyway, it was well worth the lost sleep to see such an amazing celestial event.

Put a churn on Facebook Market place this week.  Immediately had two hits. Had “pick up only” on the item as I want customers to come to my store.  One of the interested parties started messaging me.  They were “afraid for their safety” so wanted me to verify my phone number and much more.  From the beginning I was uneasy as their language and spelling were not quite correct.  When they said my phone number was suspicious and asked for my land line, I said NO.  They then asked for the phone number of a friend and I said NO.  They reassured me that they wanted the churn and that they would pay cash.  Meanwhile I looked up the phone number they gave me and it was in Massachusetts.   I imagine that was “spoofed” also.  Told them that it would be a long drive to pick up the churn and that we were done here.  Strangely someone tried to break into my Facebook account two times within that day.  Think I may have to give up using Market Place as the last two posts have been answered by scammers.  Be careful.

Then there was the political visit to Quincy this weekend. There are reports of how badly servers in restaurants were treated and more.

Had some new customers in the store this week.  One of my favorite comments is to hear someone say “this is my new favorite store”.  I have to tell them that the store has been open 40 years.  Pretty good record, I think.

Sat on the patio in the evening a bit this week and the kitties gather near me.  Is so soothing to listen to a kitty snore while enjoying some down time.

Our pastor lost a grandson this week.  Please keep her family in your prayers.

Be kind to everyone.  If you are ever tempted to be “awful” to a server in a restaurant, you might want to rethink that as they are handling your food.  It I s not OK to be unkind to others even though it seems to be accepted right now.  Scatter Kindness.

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