We Are Community for the week of July 19th, 2021, by Joyce Steiner


Ever have one of those days when everything went perfectly.  Got home from Bloomington safely, book work, show tickets and cash matched perfectly.  Even found a 20 dollar bill lying in the grass! This day was proceeded by one in which I went to a well known chain restaurant because I had a gift card.  Waited for thirty five minutes for a table.  Waited over an hour for my food.  Was asked by the manager if I wanted to keep my gift card which would not work.  Aw no, I think this one experience was sufficient-Thanks!  And to be followed by one in which I have to be at the dentist by 8:15 am because I broke a tooth.  Life is so interesting-I love all the little adventures.

Gerald and Ella Mae Waddell were married for 73 years.  Ella Mae passed on June 7th.  Gerald joined her on July 10th.  Such nice people.  Such a loss for family and the community.  Gerald joined the service at only seventeen.  He farmed, did carpentry and construction and even worked for a while at Plymouth Rock Antiques.  These were just really good people.  They will be missed.

Had not driven the road to Macomb since the hail last week.  When I did, found there was a lot of hail damage to both corn and beans northeast of Plymouth.  Sorry for the loss, yet glad it was not even worse.  Many years ago when Ben and I were traveling is southern Illinois we witnessed just awful hail damage.  Vehicles were destroyed, home windows broken out, siding destroyed and more.  I had no realization of just how bad hail damage could be before I saw that for myself.

Monday I went to Carthage to help judge the 4H fair.  4H was very important in my development and if there is a way for me to help other 4H youth, I will try.  I was to judge 12 home Interior projects.  Sadly not even one of the 12 persons scheduled to be judged showed up with their project.  One late entry did come.  Would like to thank the very lovely young lady who assisted me, she was great.  4H can be a really wonderful experience to help youth learn, to help build confidence and to learn to be comfortable speaking in public.  But to have this very beneficial experience, one must take to 4H work and projects seriously.  I hope that next year the projects which are signed up for are completed and the work rewarded.

One of my B&B guests told me that the TV in their room did not work.  Called Adams who thought the problem had occurred when the upgrades were done and that I had just not noticed.  Am sure they were correct and thankful for them getting the problem fixed.

I feed the birds and follow the Illinois Birding Network on face book.  There has been a lot of discussion on dirty feeders causing  illness in birds and that one should take down their feeders so as not to spread disease.  I not only took mine down but took them totally apart and washed all the parts in soapy water.  I don’t know if you have ever tried to take apart a bird feeder but let me tell you it is not easy.  I had three different screw drivers on the job before I got them pried apart.  I am going to pay more attention to the construction of  feeders before I purchase new ones.

Would like to thank the Metzger Board for the new rest rooms next to the Post Office.  They were installed this week.  They look really nice and match the cement work being done at the ball park.  These should be really nice for people using the Village Park and during Old Settlers and other celebrations held on the Plymouth Square.

The rain has really caused the grass and weeds to pop.  The strawberry patch which Freddie Hoelscher planted is breathing a thankful sigh after I weeded it this week.  Also weeded the patch in my yard but am far behind on weeding and mowing as I needed to stop and load and do 3rd Sunday Market this week.  Need that Market to get me out of my rut for a couple of days  a month and to interact  with people.  Also the loading and unloading, mowing etc. is good exercise and helps keep this body moving as it completes another trip around the sun this week.

May you too get the exercise you need.  May you have enough social interaction to keep you in good spirits.  Just saw on the News tonight that eating right also helps keep away depression.  Eat well, move a lot, interact with friends and Scatter Kindness.  All will help you as well as those with whom you interreact.


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