We Are Community for the week of July 12th, 2021, by Joyce Steiner

Received word that Chris Hopping has passed away.  He has many relatives in our area.  Our sympathy to his family and friends.

Last Sunday was the 4th of July celebration.  Enjoyed dinner with neighbors then we  went to Macomb for the fireworks.  I always enjoy professional fireworks.  They are so pretty!  What I do not enjoy is the neighbors randomly setting off very loud ones at any hour.  I can’t help but think of all my friends who have served in various war fronts and how upsetting the loud fireworks must be to them.

Had a really nice couple at the B&B this week.  They were going to Ft. Madison to help their son inspect a house which he is considering buying.  When I told them my husband used to work at Ft. Madison at Jim Baier Ford, they knew the family well.  What a small world.

Went to Quincy on Monday and found some cheap Gerber daisies at Maynard’s.  Bought a dozen.  I have two huge iron pots in front of the antique store and one had sunflowers in it.  Found that sunflowers do not do well in containers so removed them and put in the daisies.  God has watered them for the last two days.  We should always be thankful for our blessings, especially rain as so many places are dry.  But Plymouth has had 1.8 and 2.8 inches in. during the last two days and I really would not mind having to water the flowers if necessary.  While at church this morning, it poured .  The ditches were  full and the roads flooded in Bowen.  Had a report that Bowen received four inches of rain this morning.

Knight Tree Service cut many ash trees in Plymouth recently and I asked for mulch for the Old Methodist Church.  I have managed to spread it in two spaces but still have one to go.  Really hot work as I have to scoop the mulch into a garden cart, take it to where I need it and then unload it and spread it out.  Needs to be done however and I am very grateful for the free chips.

While I am thinking about Community Centers, I will mention that the Community Center on the East Side of the Square is owned by the Plymouth Business association which is currently not active.  There was a thrift store in it last year.  The people who ran the thrift store just left town without notifying me and left the building full of things.  I have tried to contact them with no success.  We need to put yet another roof on the building and get the new windows put in.  Any help or suggestions for uses for the building would  certainly be appreciated as this is a pretty heavy load to be shouldered.. Blue prints of the building done when the Business Association purchased the building were found at the bank and I now have them. If you have pop or beer cans, please put them in the barrel in front of the antique store and I will recycle them for the Community Center.

The Plymouth Village Board met on Wednesday evening.  Cody Smith and Lisa Fundal were absent.  There was a lot of discussion about sidewalks and preparation necessary for setting the potties up town.  Money was allocated for those projects.  It was noted at the Board meeting that the current owners of the bank in Plymouth will donate the bank building to the village.  It was completely remolded so should be in pretty good condition.  Plymouth would like to find another bank to take over this building and keep a bank in Plymouth.  If you know anyone who has an interest in opening a branch bank, let me know and I will put you in contact with the proper village officials.  The Village is asking that people refrain from removing their accounts from the bank until absolutely necessary as it would seem to be better for attracting new owners of there are viable accounts already present.

Had an email this week that google was going to be in town and would like to photograph the inside of my B&B.  I realize that I am now skeptical of everything.  The address did not contain the word google or anything related to the site so I am going to assume that this was another scam to “case” my home.  If it was a scam as I suspect, that is pretty inventive.  For the price of a night, guess anyone could do that anyway!

There was a birthday party for one of my nephew’s sons this afternoon.  First time the family has been together since covid hit.  Our family is small but it was good to see everyone and celebrate the birthday.

Amazing how fast the grass and weeds are growing with all this rain.  Can’t quite keep up right now.  Hope your roofs are sound and your sump pumps in working order.

Hope you had a good week.  County and 4H fairs are coming up.  Please support them.  Scatter Kindness

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