We Are Community for the week of July 24th, 2023, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 160

Today is my birthday.  Another successful trip around the sun.  I have had more trips than many people are allowed and I am thankful for each one.  I could feel sorry that I am alone or I can be thankful for the 25 years I was married.  I have friends who never experienced marriage and the joy it brings.  I liked being married and enjoyed the fact that my husband often asked friends to share in my birthday celebration and other special events.

Today I got a birthday greeting on my phone as soon as I checked it.  When I went to church the congregation sang Happy birthday to me.  A friend paid for my lunch and another friend took me to the Hotel Nauvoo for supper last night-my favorite place to eat.  I baked a cake and had the honor to share it with close friends.

I try to be thankful for each new day in my life but I am especially thankful to have completed another year and look forward to a new decade.

Monday, I finished the bookwork from 3rd Sunday Market.  I also got a fortune cookie which was empty.  Now that is a real bummer.  Made me wonder just what my week was going to be like but my week actually turned out very well.  My B&B guests left on Monday.  Though I was a bit concerned about having guests one night that I was not here, Puff certainly appreciated the attention as did the other kitties who were fed in a more timely manner that when I am home.  The guests came for our dark night skies but if you remember the weekend was smoke filled so they were not able to have good star viewing.  I suggested that they come back again!

Tuesday a very nice lady from Peoria brough four Peoria Pottery pieces to the store.  That was just the beginning.  A family who I taught with and taught at Central brought me a truck load of antiques on Wednesday and a couple from Quincy brought me fresh peaches from Calhoun County and a stack of hand done quilts.  One’s week just doesn’t get any better than having people bring items to my store.

Thursday, I got a birthday phone call from Florida and two birthday cards.  Also had two night-blooming cactus bloom, enjoyed the new moon and got my first ripe tomato.  Have spent quite a bit of time cleaning and pricing this week too.  Of course, that never gets done as I went to an auction on Saturday and now need to start pricing and fitting the new things into my already crowed antiques store.

Walmart is selling out their plants so I bought nine hostas and pulled out a couple of bushes near my gazebo and replaced them with hostas.  Am still pulling up landscape fabric from when we moved here and had landscaping done.  Some day I will get it all removed.

Words cannot express how grateful for all the kind comments about this column.  The couple from Quincy indicated that they take the Hancock paper to read my column and that they knew others who do the same.  Now that it is also carried in Macomb, I receive kind words from the Macomb area.  It is so rewarding to be stopped in a store by persons wishing to tell me how much they enjoy my writing.  I want to tell each of you how much I appreciate your kind words.

I hope you also had a good week and that if you celebrated a birthday during it, that it was a great day for you.  Have a good week and scatter kindness and love.

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