We Are Community for the week of July17th, 2023, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 159

Was not a week for the weak!  Sunday, I tried a bike ride which was not a good idea with the stitches in my leg so tried a nap which was much better.

Monday, I visited a neighbor and bought some great antiques for the store.  Thank you.  Went to Macomb to get a few groceries and during the short time I was there, gas went up twenty cents.  Oh my.  I had really liked the lower prices.

Tuesday was even more exciting.  Got my stitches out, passed my drivers test, despite the nice lady telling me I needed to come to complete stops not rolling stops, and had lunch all before eleven am.  After I closed the store, it was off to the opening night of the Nauvoo pageant.  Had no idea that there was such a process to reserve seats for opening night but we had great seats and the show was wonderful.  I would guess there were several hundred in the cast.  Lovely costumes and all ages participated in the show.  Also got to see the bag pipe band and had the opportunity to partake in a country fair if time permitted.  Good evening.

I get scam calls most every morning and got one at seven am on Wednesday which was a blessing in disguise as it gave me time to go back to Carthage to the doctor again before I had to open the store and work on packing for 3rd Sunday Market.  Plymouth Circle met on Wednesday evening with Mel and Charlotte Dorethy as hostesses.  We had a lesson on bow making.  I am not sure that we will replace Santa.

I try to finish loading before Friday so I can put on anything I forgot, so finished on Thursday.  Still could see out the windows too.  Had lots of new things to take to market and my sales were good because of that.

Friday B&B guests arrived.  I always try to stop for a time each evening to take sunset photos and share with a few special friends.  Friday was magnificent.  There was not a lot of sun but there were really nice sun rays.  Great photos.

Saturday, took off for Bloomington and all went well except that I have absolutely no phone service there.  As I roomed with a friend, it was ok because if there was an emergency, I could use her phone.  Up early today and had a great day at the show.  Was a good day to be inside as the Canadian smoke was really bad today.  Got loaded and on the road home by five pm which was great.  Helpers are available to help load and unload and I have gotten a great young man for the last two shows.  Was also able to work in dinner at my favorite Chinese Buffet on Saturday evening and it was wonderful as usual.  Probably worth the drive to Bloomington just to eat there.

As you can imagine this “little old lady” is ready for some sleep.  Hope you had a great week too.  Be sure to scatter kindness and love to all those around you.

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