We Are Community for the week of June 12th, 2023, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 154

Most people would not be excited when shown two very large very heavy pieces of brown sewer tile but by now you know that I am not “most people”.  People often ask “if I buy antiques”?   My usual reply is “no, I just dig them up in the back yard” because I feel it is a pretty silly question when one is standing in a store filled with stoneware, books, furniture, quilts and more.  After giving them a few seconds, I say that indeed I do buy antiques.  Sometimes this leads to being invited into a home to look at some things which the person no longer needs.  This happened this week.  A gentleman from Macomb asked me to come by and look at some things.  Was not too excited until we got to his back yard.   There stood two very large heavy pieces of brown sewer tile.  Sewer tile is exactly what the name implies.  It is most commonly found when one is digging in a new sewer line or some other sort of excavation.  These pieces were both made in Macomb.  One was a large Dickey Clay elbow and the other just a four-foot-long piece of sewer tile but it was manufactured in Macomb also.  The gentleman indicated that he had indeed dug them out of the ground.  We made a deal and I rolled them to the van.  Together we got them lifted into the car.  Not only was I excited to find new “lawn ornaments”, my kitties had to check out the elbow and pose in it.  Always looking for neat things for my collections or for the store.

We had a tenth of an inch of rain last Sunday and four tenths later in the week.  Watering tomatoes and squash but just letting the lawn die.  Pretty scary for June.  Looks more like August.

Attended the Plymouth Village Board meeting on Wednesday.  Donnie Miller asked about expanding the area used for Old Settlers this August as there is a carnival scheduled and they are expecting more flea markets than usual.  The Board gladly agreed.  Has been many years since there has been a carnival for Old Settlers.

Eunice Bruns of Augusta passed away on June 3rd.  She had worked at several health care facilities in the  area.  Robert March passed away on June 5th.  I taught with him many years at Central High School.  He was a very talented musician.  He played for my wedding.  Both these people will be missed by many as they touched many lives.  Please pray for their family and friends.

This week was the 2023 Illinois Great Rivers Annual Conference which is held at the Civic Center in Peoria.  It was Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Carol Rankin and I represented Living Faith UMC plus Pastor Sheri Renner.  Two friends for Camp Point, Becky Reuschel and Donna Niekamp also attended from this area.  (both are former students) We Methodists are a somewhat strange group.  We don’t feel that you can do anything to get you into heaven but are allowed there by the Grace of God.  We even believe in three kinds of grace!  We try to make everyone feel welcome in our churches but have not quite gotten that perfected as yet.  Was a great three days.  Was the first time back to “normal” since covid.  One of the main themes was that things will never be “normal” again.  Church attendance is falling and we must go out into the world to help people where they are, not expect them to come into the church building.  We took supplies from our church for the Midwest Distribution Center near Springfield.  These supplies will eventually be sent worldwide.  There were great worship services, great music, the ordination of new pastors, a memorial service for those who have gone on before us and more.  Always an inspirational weekend.

One lady I met kept thinking she knew me from somewhere.  I mentioned my teaching life, my antique life, my IEA Board life, my car dealer wife life and more.  Eventually 4H was mentioned and she mentioned McDonough County.  Said that I was in 4H in that county also.  Finally, she figured out that was where she knew me from.  She remembered me from when I was a teen in 4H.  Wow.

Have a great week.  Scatter kindness and love.

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