We Are Community for the week of June 19, 2023, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 155

Today is Father’s Day.  A day we celebrate men who have been great fathers, role models, men who have guided children, men who have been the bed rock of families, men who have cared for other’s children and men who have just done the best that they knew how.  We celebrate all men today and it is fitting that we do so.

Living Faith church council met on Monday evening.  As I left the house, there was a helicopter just overhead.  That was to be a very important event in our week.  The helicopter was headed to the home of Ronda and Jim Roberts in Plymouth.  Eventually we learned that Jim had passed to the next phase of his life.  Visitation was held at LFUMC on Friday evening and services were on Saturday.  Our church family has lost a loving member.   We are so sorry and our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Jim.

Very interesting week in the B&B world.  On Tuesday evening I had a reservation for an Amish driver.  The Amish couple came into the house when I showed the driver her room.  Later when I got home, found that the Amish couple had also decided to stay.  Thursday and Friday, the whole house was reserved.  Had two ladies with reservations for many weeks and a couple who had reservations for three nights.  Showed everyone to their rooms and should have noticed that the two ladies did not bring in their luggage but I did not.  Later in the evening, I got a call that the two ladies had sent their key back with the couple who they had found at the local restaurant and would not be staying.  Just not worth noting that I have a 48-hour cancellation policy or that I have a credit card on file.

West central Illinois has some lovely sunsets.  It has become my habit to stop at the end of each day, when possible, and photograph the sunset.  I also just try to stop and reflect on the day and thank God for it.  As my home is near the west edge of Plymouth, I drive to the edge of town and point my car north so that I may take photos out of the driver’s side window.   I was in Carthage for the Historic Society meeting on Saturday evening when it was time for the sun to set.  I drove to the west side of town and turned into the first drive that faced North.  Took several photos and shared them with a few close friends by text.  Shortly, a car pulled in behind me and a young man got out and told me that there were several cameras in the area and that my presence had been called into the police several times.  I certainly am suspicious.  “A little old lady” parked in a 22-year-old bright green VW Beetle with eye lashes.  I had not exited the car.  My name and picture are in the local paper every week.  It certainly would not have been any problem to identify the “intruder”.  I would like to suggest that, when possible, each of us take a few minutes at the end of a day to reflect on it and thank God for it.  I find that I look forward to this few minutes of quiet time each day and find it almost amusing that someone would find  my actions sinister.

Sometimes a song just floats through our heads for several days.  This week, it has been “Let There Be Peace On Earth and Let it Begin With Me” that has been in my head each morning.  That may not be the actual name of the song, but you understand the meaning.  Seems appropriate for the week!!

I do hope that you had a good week.  Earlier today the chances of rain were 100% but now are much less.  Pray for rain.  Pray for your neighbors who have suffered loss or illness, remembering that All are your neighbors.  Scatter kindness and love.

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