We Are Community for the week of June 3rd, 2024, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 205

There was a Veteran’s Day service sponsored by the Plymouth American Legion on Monday.  It was followed by a pot luck open to everyone.  Both were truly appreciated.

Tickets for the carnival that will be at Plymouth Old Settlers are available at Plymouth Rock Antiques.  They are 10 for $25 and have no expiration date.  They can be used at any Boden shows and only one ticket is required per ride.

You may be getting calls from alternate electricity suppliers.  I signed up several years ago assuming that they were cheaper than Ameren.  One should definitely not assume that.  I believe the summer rate for Ameren is 8.1 cents per kilowatt hour.  Be sure to get the rate from the caller because it is usually higher than Ameren.  Also, some communities are offering group solar.  Whenever solar is mentioned on Facebook, some people rush in to say bad things about renewable energy.  Find this interesting as I have had solar for four years with no trouble and it has more than paid for itself.  And no, you do not need to brush the snow off your solar panels.  In this day of constant untruths, check the facts before you decide on your energy provider.

Went to an auction on Thursday at Terre Haute.  There was way too much stuff there for a one-day auction.  Filled the van but could have bought so much more if I had room for it which I don’t!  There was no food available and it was a very long day.

Have been trimming weeds and brush uptown and in my own yard.  I will never get done.  Do enjoy working in the yard and am rewarded by many lovely flowers.  Noticed some yellow swallowtail butterflies this afternoon also.

A coon dug up several of my flower pots on the porch and behind the garage then to add insult to injury, let a calling card on my porch!   That was just not polite!  Time to set the coon trap again.

There were four birthday and anniversary announcements in the Journal Pilot this week.  Most were for important birthdays and one for a 70th wedding anniversary.  Card showers were asked for these people.  I know that a lot of people no longer send Christmas and other cards, but I really feel they are important.     Even if you do not personally know these people, I think cards would be appreciated.  It only takes a few minutes of your time and might really be a day brightener for the recipient.

Saturday was a good day at Plymouth Rock Antiques.  Thank you.  Got some of the van unloaded from the auction but a long way to go.  Headed to Weinberg King Park for some evening photos and to just enjoy the lake.  We are fortunate to have two parks and the Mississippi River in close proximity to our area.

Hope you have a good week.  Summer is here.  Scatter Kindness and Love but it is ok to swat misquotes as they are very hungry and there seem to be lots of them right now.

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