We Are Community for the week of June 19th, 2024, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 206

The Plymouth Square was the place to be on Saturday.  There was a car and bike show sponsored by Pop A Top Again for the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association.  It was a fund raiser for Vets helping Vets.  The south and west sides of the Square were filled with show vehicles, a stage, a food truck, a drink stand and more.  There was a large family friendly crowd and everyone seemed to have a good time.  Two bands played on the stage throughout the afternoon.  Hope the fundraiser did well.

Sometimes I read the obits in the newspaper.  This week there were several which took my notice.  First was Dr. Whitley who operated on my appendix at an unreasonable early hour.  Second was Ann Taylor who was a friend.  I will remember her most for buying a roll of crochet thread from my store and making me many hand done snowflakes for my Christmas tree.  They are lovely and are still on my tree.    Jude Croxton passed away on June 2nd.  He was 101 years young.  I remember him because he came into the store several times and he told me that my mother was one of his teachers.  Our sympathy to the family and friends of these three special people.

Archer Realty invited the community to a fish fry on Friday evening to celebrate their grand opening in Augusta.  Their building is located at the stop sign corner.  Jared Williams is the managing broker and owner of the building.  Thanks so much for the nice dinner and hope they will be a successful business in our communities.

Have been to three auctions in the last couple of weeks.  That is great.  I love live auctions and need them for my business.  Thursday was the Lowderman auction just west of Macomb.  There was a half rack of duck decoys.  Made the mistake of telling a friend about Canfield decoys from Dallas City.  There were seven on the auction.  He bought three of them and another collector bought the other four.  Though I did not get any of the Canfield’s, did buy almost twenty of the other decoys.  Am glad that the local special decoys are in good collections.

Bought a flat cart at the auction in Terra Haute last week with the idea of filling it with flowers on my back patio.  Got that done and it came out ok.  Also got my tomatoes planted.  Dug up an oak tree from a flower bed and placed it in the back yard near the solar panels. That was not as easy as it should have been as I discovered that there must have been a drive in that spot at one time as I hit gravel.  Got it planted and water it each day and thus far the leaves have not wilted.

Mentioned that I broke my wedding ring at 3rd Sunday Market.  As I had taken jewelry to Pawn Plus in Macomb for an appraisal, I took the ring there for repair.  Since they did a great job on that ring, I took two others there to be sized.  Nice people.  So glad to have a place for jewelry repair in the area.

Attended the Plymouth Village Board meeting on Wednesday evening.  Two members were absent.  We have an attorney who attends all meetings as well as a representative from an engineering firm.  We need good people to run for seats on the village board.  If you live in Plymouth and are interested in keeping this small town alive and improving, think about running for these positions.  I am sure it is a thankless job but it is so important to the life of our community.

It is really dry.  Pray for a nice shower without a storm.  Remember to scatter Love and Kindness to all this week.


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