We Are Community for the week of June 6th, 2022, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 100

Appropriate that on the 100th “We Are Community” column that the PCCC was filled to capacity. I changed the name of this column from “Plymouth Area News” to “We Are Community” to more reflect its reach.  Today the Plymouth School Reunion was held at the PCCC.  The meeting room and a lot of the sanctuary was filled with guests.  Connie and Mary Fairchild filled the sanctuary with photos from Plymouth through the ages.  Rod Cookson and Ron Douglas did much of the organizing but others did an amazing amount of work to pull off the reunion.  I think everyone appreciated all the hard work that went into the event.   Know there were guests from many states.  It was interesting to meet people from families that I had often heard mentioned.  I hope that there will be another reunion in the future.

Last Monday was Memorial Day.  The Plymouth American Legion held services on the west side of the Square.  There were many in attendance.  There was a meal after the service to which everyone was invited.  Food was donated by the Legion, the Gary Hetzel family and others brought food to share.  Thank you for this service.

On Tuesday evening my storm radios started going off.  When they started, they said that the storm was directly over Plymouth and that there were rotating winds.  Not much time for panic.  Headed for the basement and then came back up to watch TV news report and let in neighbors with no basement.  We did not get bad storms here but we did get four inches of rain.  Others got more, so once again we were lucky.

The Plymouth Village Board met on Wednesday evening.  One member was absent.  A budget was passed, a new policeman hired, a fifty-cent increase was passed for garbage pickup as that fund is losing money.  Lisa Fundel announced that they are moving in August and that she will no longer be able to be on the Board.

Bottom Line Personal said “That people who ate dark chocolate daily were 70% less likely to report symptoms of depression”.  Sounds like a great cure to me!

There has been a new moon this week as well as some really nice weather since the storm.  Hope you have had a chance to enjoy it.  I know that a lot of my week has been spent behind a push mower as the rider ate another belt.  Way too much yard to push mow.

A miracle happened this week.  I washed the windows in Antiques Too.  Though I have a major in physics, I can not understand how two light bulbs on the same circuit can have different brightness.  I even changed the bulbs because I thought they were two different types.  Same problem.  I have been assured that this is possible and now I have to get someone to figure out what the problem is.

Ameren more than doubled their electric rate on June 1st.  Thankful to have solar at the house but I have three store buildings for which I will have to pay the increase.  Seems oil companies are making record profits at our expense.  Not sure why Ameren raised their rates so much.   Many businesses cannot find enough help to stay open their normal hours.  People have to drive to get to work and the gasoline prices make that difficult for some.  Have had hardly anyone at the store all week.  Time to go eat dark chocolate!!

Pray for Ukraine and for your neighbors.  And again, thank you to all who organized the Plymouth School Reunion and to all those who attended.  Have a great week.  Scatter Kindness.

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