We Are Community for the week of March 28th, 2022, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 90

Spent most of the week preparing for the first antique show of the season.  Started packing boxes on Tuesday and continued through Thursday.  Takes quite a bit of time to select items for a show and then pack 12 banana boxes.  I also take a couple of pieces of furniture and some stoneware and  wood and metal items.  Everything goes in the Caravan just so to maximize items in the available space.  The show was at Paris, MO and it was fun to tell people I was going to Paris.  Good show, nice people and a good crowd.

As I stayed in Paris on Friday evening, had to find a restaurant there.  Got a recommendation from the motel and went to it.  When I went in there was a couple at a table and as I did not want to take up a table for six, asked if I could sit with them as I thought they were also doing the show.  When I mentioned I was from Plymouth, the gentleman said “Gentry”.  They were very surprised when I said that yes, I was married to him for twenty-five years.  Sometimes it is amazing to find unexpected connections.

It was good to see so many friends from our area at the Mark Twain Lake Antique Show and Sale too. Thanks for driving over!  It is a good quality show and I think there is something for most everyone there.

Church attendance is picking up!  We had eleven children for the children’s time last Sunday and ten this morning.  There was also a movie and dinner on Saturday evening.  So nice to have people coming back to church after covid.

Have also noticed that the vultures are back.  When I said this to a friend, they thought they stayed here year around.  Not sure who is correct but it really is nice to see them floating through the air and cleaning up the highways.

Have many flowers blooming in my yard.  Have Lenten roses, daffodils, some pretty small blue flowers and many tulips and hyacinths  coming up.  Of course, there is also creeping Charlie intertwined with many of the flowers.

Have my favorite ferals at the antique store.  I have had all the females fixed as I do realize that the number of feral kitties can get out of hand.  For the last few days Pretty has been missing.  She has lovely round eyes and lives on top of the building next door.  Hope she is all right.  Have had two guests lately, an all-black kitty and a black and white kitty.  If we could get the buildings on the square cleaned up, that would certainly help control the feral problem.

Cut open a tomato this evening for my salad.  Imagine my surprise when I found the seeds were growing and there were tiny tomato plants inside the tomato.  With the price of tomatoes, I ate it anyway!

Have not seen the news for a couple of days, but suspect that the war in Ukraine is still going on.  Please keep praying for the millions affected by this senseless war.  Though I know we all have strong feelings on what should be done, we have to realize that we must do everything possible to avoid a world-wide conflict.  We have the means to destroy both our planet and its occupants.  All countries have to balance what is right with what could also go so terribly wrong.  Pray for peace and for all people.

Have a good week.  Enjoy the greener grass and the flowers and remember to Scatter Kindness wherever you go.


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