We Are Community for the week of May 22nd, 2023, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 151

The Plymouth American Legion would like to invite everyone to the Memorial Day service on Monday, May 29th at 10 am at the Legion building on the west side of the Plymouth Square. Immediately following the service, everyone is invited to share in a pot luck lunch.  Meat and drinks will be provided by the Legion.  Please bring food to share.

Today was the first 3rd Sunday Market of the year in Bloomington.  The weather was perfect and there was a great crowd.  Sold pretty well.  I write tickets for every purchase and I wholesale to several dealers.  One has to get a signature and a tax number for a wholesale purchase.  Asked a dealer for her tax number and she gave me a 9-digit number. Told her that a tax number only has 8 digits in Illinois and she told me she files under her social security number.  Sure enough, it was the proper length for a social security number.  I refrained from telling her what an awful idea it is to give out her social security number and sign a ticket so one has name, number and at least part of address.  It was great to see so many friends at the show.

It is getting difficult to keep up with all the scams now days.  Had a notice from DHL that they were trying to deliver a package.  As I had ordered nothing, I deleted the message.  There are often notices that I have purchased something with PayPal which I don’t use.  You can trust nothing you receive on your phone or computer.  If you don’t recognize the message, don’t respond to it.  Scammers are just trying to get your information.

Have lots of moss and algae in my fish ponds so I bought three algae eaters to see if they would help clear the ponds.  The clerk told me not to buy over two for each pond as they could get a foot long!  Looking forward to that.

Ladies there is HOPE for us all!  Martha Stewart who is 81 years old is the swim suit model on the cover of Sports Illustrated-at least that is what my phone said.

I have no phone service in Bloomington.  U S cellular works great here but there is just a no service symbol in Bloomington.  I bought a trac phone to use there in case I have an emergency.  I cannot believe all the features that are available on a twenty-dollar trac phone.  I will not learn how to use them all as I use my smart phone for everything and need to not confuse myself.

We have signed a contract to get the roof replaced on the PCCC.

Busy week as usual.  Weeded, planted a few hills of squash, packed twelve boxes for the show, loaded the van to the roof, worked the store, enjoyed visiting with friends at the store, took photos of the sunset every night even if there was no sun and more.  Also got chocolate from a friend.  I live a pretty good life-hope you do too!

Hope you have a good week.  Keep those less fortunate in your thoughts and prayers.  Scatter kindness and love.

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