We Are Community for the week of May 29th, 2023, by Joyce Steiner

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On Monday IEAR met in Rushville for lunch and a tour of Boehm gardens.  The gardens are just west of Rushville on the Old Macomb Road.  They have several acres where they grow a lot of their own trees and plants.  The finance committee of Living Faith UMC also met on Monday evening.  We will be selling large blooming mums again this fall as a fund raiser for the church.

On Tuesday two gentlemen from a roofing firm came to the store to sign a contract for the roof for the PCCC.  The gentleman who represented the company had a heart transplant.  Think that is the first person I have met with a new heart.  I think it is just wonderful that some family gave him a second chance at life.  Each of us needs to sign up to be an organ donor as I understand there are many people on waiting lists.

As I was expecting guests this weekend, I made up beds and cleaned house.  Also started to unload from 3rd Sunday Market and made a rhubarb pie.  Just love rhubarb or gooseberry pie.  My plants are finally big enough to use some fresh rhubarb.  So good- all gone and just picked some more!

Attended the Hancock County Economic Development meeting on Wednesday.  Was interested to find that there are grants available to tear down dilapidated houses.  Many of the mayors had attended a meeting about this but don’t think Plymouth was represented.  We have several houses that need to be torn down in Plymouth-the village even owns one of them.

Received a telephone call telling me how much a person enjoys this column.  Just love hearing good comments about my writing.  Not sure just why a physics and math major enjoys writing, but I do.  Thank you all for the kind words of encouragement.

This weekend is Memorial Day.  For many it signals the beginning of summer.  For others, it is an occasion to remember those who served in the military and especially those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  When I was younger, it was a time to “decorate the graves” of family and loved ones.  We took fresh flowers in tin cans or jars to the graves of family.  My mother, father and brother rest in the Colchester cemetery.  So do my father’s two sisters and his brother as well as his parents.  My mother’s family is at Argyle.  Her parents, her grandmother and many other relatives are there as her maiden name was Welch and there are many Welches and Murrays  buried there.  Though I no longer use fresh flowers, I do remember each of these people.  I am afraid that my generation may be among the last to decorate family graves.  I sincerely hope that I am wrong.

Our sympathy to the family of Connie Kindhart who passed over on May 20th.  She leaves many family members in our area.

The weather has been quite lovely.  Hope you are able to enjoy it.  I have neither heat of AC on currently.  We do need rain but my roof isn’t leaking!  Have a great week.  Keep those who are ill in your thoughts and prayers.  Scatter kindness and love to all.

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