We Are Community for the week of Nov 15th, 2021, by Joyce Steiner


The big news this week is that the Lady Suns volleyball team took second place in the state tournament.  They had their best year ever with a  39 and 3 season.  Congratulations to Coach Kerr and the team!

Elzie Kirby passed away at Anna, Illinois on November 10th. His visitation and funeral are this week at Living Faith UMC.  Our sympathy to his family and friends.

Another scam this week.  Got a message on messenger from a person with whom I have a professional relationship.  So when I got a message saying “ good morning, how are  you”, I knew something was up and waited for it.  Sure enough I got another message saying this person had been in a terrible accident and that he needed to purchase a gift card for one of his relatives birthday and would I please get it for him.  Wow the lengths these scammers will go to-just amazing.  We all need to be careful when we get messages, phone calls or texts that don’t seem quite right because there probably are not.

Got my covid booster at HyVee on Monday.  Had absolutely no reaction to it.  Still encouraging everyone to get their covid shots.  We think so little about all the others and it is such a shame that the covid vaccine has become political.

Had a customer call to see if I had any Dazey churns.  Sent photos of three which I had at the store so she came from Keokuk to purchase one.  She was very happy to get it as her mother in law had one like it and she said she would think of here every time she looked at it.  Nice memories I believe.  Always glad when I have just what a customer is looking for.

Plymouth Women’s Circle met on Wednesday at the PCCC.  Cindy and Randallynn Smith gave the program on making a craft pumpkin.  They were quite cute.  One used a roll of toilet paper, a rectangle of cloth, two leaves, a pipe cleaner and a wooden stick.

The B&B business has been brisk all of November.  Have had a lot of hunters as well as other guests. James Aleshire was here this week.  Always good to have him come “home” to the Plymouth area.  It is sometimes hectic to change beds and get the room cleaned for the next guests.  Had one lady make a reservation for three days this week.  She did not come and did not let me know that she had changed her mind probably not understanding that I had turned down other guests while holding the room for her.  Sad that there are still inconsiderate people in our world.

Got another china cupboard at the Lowderman Auction and finally got it out of the van and filled this week.  Have been buying some lovely glass so if you need a Christmas present for that special someone, you should check out Plymouth Rock as we are loaded and have something for everyone.

My yard is surrounded with maple trees.  They are rapidly losing their leaves so I decided to mow leaves one morning this week.  I have three push mowers and not a single one of them would start.  Dave Leenerts takes care of my mowers and he and his wife came to the store that very afternoon.  Must have known I was going to call him.

The Old Settler’s fish fry went well.  There was a great crowd for the event.

Had an unusual call for three rooms for three days in February.  Wanted to know about group rates and if they could have the use of the whole house.  After I answered all the questions and suggested that he look at my website if he had any other questions, he kept hanging on the line.  Finally told me why they were asking for rooms, I hung up immediately.  My life is never dull!

Pastor Sheri got her deer this week, only problem was that it was with her car.  So glad she is ok but now needs another car.  Our church service was special today.  It was a celebration for all those who help with church committees and a commitment Sunday.  We also had breakfast served.  It was announced that there will be breakfast every other week.  It is so nice to have the opportunity to eat with church friends and so nice of the family to fix breakfast for us.  Thank you.

Got to watch the sunset this evening.   It was lovely.

Have a great week.  Enjoy each lovely fall day as soon winter will be here.  Scatter Kindness.


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