We Are Community for the week of November 22nd, 2021, by Joyce Steiner


Saw in the Quincy paper that Barbara Rowell had passed .  We taught together at Central of Camp Point for several years.  She was such a bright and shining person.  She later worked with the Quincy Community Theater  for many years.  So sorry to hear.

Congratulations to Bruce Morton and Dennis Rankin.  They both had entries in the Quincy Art Center Mary Oakley and Lee Lindsay Artist Showcase.  Bruce had two entries accepted and won  a Merit Award with his photo “Jerry”.  Dennis had three entries accepted and won third place for his “Bud Vase”.  Congratulations to both these gentlemen.  The exhibit is at 1515 Jersey Street and is open to the public.

Good week for Bed and Breakfast guests.  Had a lovely couple for  two days and then had two hunters for shotgun season.  The couple had lived in Carthage but moved to Arkansas to be closer to her family.  They were just so nice to talk to and I hope they will visit the area again soon.

My maple trees have lost most of their leaves so mowed leaves for two days this week.  We have had a lot of wind so the leaves blow on to the neighbors lawn and then back on mine. Sorry neighbors but I mowed them just as quickly as possible.  Also my bald cypress has changed color this week and is beginning to lose its “leaves”.  Not sure just what you call them as they are not leaves but they are not needles either.  They ground will soon be covered with rust colored foliage. I often rake some of it for mulch and it looks nice on the flower beds.

Have been getting ready as I can for winter.  Cut some of the English Ivy away from the edges of the fish ponds and found that I had a large dead goldfish in one of the ponds.  Think it may have been the only fish in that pond but there are some very large tadpoles still in it.  The other two have fish as I sometimes  see them.  Will cover the ponds with wire hoops and two layers of plastic.  The fish always live through the winter as do the water lilies and coon tail moss.

Also put out heated pet bowls for the kitties and the birds.  In the one for the birds, I place a brick or rocks in the bottom so it is easier for the birds to get to the water and not actually have to get in the water if they don’t want to.  The heated pet bowls work well and can be purchased at most any farm store.

Speaking of birds, the Augusta Elevator has both black oil sunflower and birds seed this year.  Like to buy locally when possible, so glad that they have bird seed.  It is the good kind with no cracked corn in it and my birds are emptying a feeder every day.  Seem to be mostly English Sparrows right now but am sure the finches and others will come when it gets colder or snowy.  Love to watch the birds.

I feed some of the kitties on the back porch.  My door is glass.  Noticed that a “kitty” had a long bare tail.  When I tried to get a photo of it, the possum scurried away.  Possums are cute in their pointy nosed way!

Would like to thank Curtis and Adrian Baldwin for putting flexible extenders on the down spouts at the PCCC.  I think these should help with the water problem in the basement and will not be so difficult to mow around as rigid ones would be.

Wanted some hot soup yesterday so made some chicken noodle.  One forgets just how good soup can be.  Chopped a potato, two celery ribs, an onion, some carrots and a cooked chicken breast and added noodles of course.  Added water and chicken base for extra flavor and saltiness and had a great soup.

Enjoy Thanksgiving this week.  We all have so much to be thankful for.  Scatter Kindness.

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