We Are Community for the week of November 29th, 2021, by Joyce Steiner


Our sympathy to the family and friends of Patsy Lantz.  She passed away on Thanksgiving day.  She was 92 and will surely be missed by all those who knew her.

The Plymouth American Legion is sponsoring a Soup and Sandwich Supper on Saturday, December 4th from 4 to 7 pm.  Soups will include chili, potato, oyster, and vegetable and there will also be sandwiches, dessert and drinks included for a donation.  You may  order soup to go by calling 309 333 8305. Please come out and support the Legion fundraiser.

Has been a busy week at Plymouth Rock Antiques.  Had shoppers who used to live here who had visitors from Texas with them.  Really nice folks and was happy to meet them.  Also a shopper in the car business who had  lived in Texas.  Stayed late for a shopper on Saturday evening.  Don’t mind doing that at all. There was a big auction on Black Friday but stayed home to run the store.  Really hate missing large auctions.  Bruce Morton stopped by after the auction to show me three  geese decoys which he had purchased.  They were great.  Good thing I was not there as it would have been difficult to not bid  against a friend for those  birds.

Have put out the heated water bowls for birds, kitties and squirrels.  Everyone is enjoying the food from the Augusta elevator.  Just can’t toss the turkey fat and little pieces of meat so cooked down the broth, bones and meat for the kitties.  Only problem is the kitties wont eat people food.  There is a possum who comes nightly to check for left over kitty food, perhaps it will eat leftover turkey and gravy.

Started to decorate  the store but have not gotten very far.  Did cut the sunflower stalks before winter.  There was a lot of sunflower seeds on the walk but probably the birds were not eager to eat them with all the ferals which I feed at the store. Got one tree up in the window and have a lot of poinsettias etc. in a tub  to put out in the pots in front of the store.  It is to be fairly warm this week so perhaps I can get the decorations up before my Christmas Open House on December 11th.

Thanksgiving was spent with family  this year after having missed it due to covid last year.  Two turkeys gave their lives for us as did some squash, cranberries, sweet and regular potatoes, salad and more.  Hope you were also able to celebrate with family and friends.  Thanksgiving reminds us just how much each of us has to be thankful for.  No matter the situations in which we find ourselves, there is always much to be grateful for.

Want to thank Jim and Ronda Roberts again for fixing breakfast for all of us at Living Faith UMC.  It is so kind of them to do that and it is greatly appreciated.  We will have a Christmas Eve service  this year beginning at 7 pm.  Why not join us.

Not needing to mow is not good for my body or my attitude so have been trying to ride my bicycle for some exercise.  I check the temperature and the wind direction and take off going west out of town on the blacktop.  Once I get out there it seems the wind is always coming from the west making it difficult to pedal into the wind.  Oh well!

I love my smart phone even though it is sometimes a bit too smart.  I simply cannot believe what good photos one can take with a phone.  I have been taking pictures of trees, flowers, my possum and sunsets to share with friends and on Facebook.  This year I have really tried to stop and take time to appreciate our gorgeous sunsets.  I have to get out of my yard so  I can see an unobstructed western sky but that is as easy as going to the corner just southwest of my yard.  One needs to stay out  after the sun actually sets because the sky keeps changing colors even after the sun is below the horizon.  People are so busy and sometimes I just want to say “stop, hold my hand and let’s watch the sunset together”.

Enjoy the holidays.  Take some time each day just to be thankful for life.  Do remember that holidays can be  difficult for some especially if they have little family, have lost a loved ones or are just not feeling joyful.  Do try to just stop what you are doing, if possible, and watch the sunrise or the sunset and just be grateful for the lovely world in which we live.


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