We Are Community for the week of Nov 28th, 2022, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 125

There have been several people pass this week and I hope that you will keep their families in your thoughts and prayers. There is one special lady I want to mention.  Bonnie Morris Becker, from Macomb, passed this week.  We were friends a long time ago.  When we bought our home, it still had shake shingles and no sheeting on the roof.  Don Morris and crew took off the shakes, added sheeting and put on regular shingles.  As you can imagine, the attic was a mess of wooden shingle parts.  It was not the crew that tried to clean up that mess but it was Bonnie.  She also had a beauty shop in Macomb.  Loved that lady.  Saw her daughter Andi at Hy-Vee not long ago.  Bonnie is a good memory.

Thursday was Thanksgiving.  Though my family is small we get together for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  My niece cooked a lot of wonderful food.  I added some and others did too.  It is nice to have family to celebrate with.  One thing which was absolutely outstanding this year was that my nephew’s wife gave a kidney to a friend.  That is a wonderful gift.  I am just in awe of Shawna for doing that.  Now that is really scattering kindness and love!

Went to Macomb on Friday evening because I always make my Christmas cards at Walgreens and they had a special on all cards.  Called to make sure there would be someone in the photo department to help me with the project and they assured me that there would be.  The first few buttons I clicked got me a very limited selection of Christmas cards so asked for help.  A kind young woman found another site for me with hundreds to choose from.  She also helped me connect my phone to the system so I could add one of my favorite photos.  All worked out well and I was really thankful for the kindness which I was shown at Walgreens.

After Walgreens, I went to Hy-Vee for dinner.  By this time, it was a bit later than most people eat and the food had been in the case a bit too long.  Asked if it would be possible for something to be cooked just for me.  It was not a problem and was done with a smile.  Two people went out of their way to help me.  Thank you both.

Had lots of out of state shoppers in the store on Tuesday.  That was really nice.

Black Friday means shopping to many people including me.  Kyle Kelso had a live auction on Friday with many really nice items.  Though I try to never close the store, I did so on Friday so I could attend the auction.  Was not able to buy a lot as prices were strong but surely enjoyed attending a live auction and seeing many friends.  One bad thing about an auction is many hours on concrete and not enough water.  For me this means a night of leg cramps which is no fun.  I try walking them out or stretching them out usually to no avail.  Since my exercise bicycle was sitting there and I had nothing to lose, I got on it and rode gently for a while.  That worked for me.  Leg cramps gone.  Perhaps this will also work for some of you.

I carry a pocket full of credit cards because they pay cash back.  I also keep track of my receipts.  This week I got al letter telling me I had not paid my bill on one of them and also assessing me a $35 late fee.  I always pay off the cards the day the bill comes so knew this was not correct.  I also checked my on-line bank statement and found that the check to the credit card company had cleared the bank.  I have no idea if this was an honest mistake or a way to make quick money.  I often hear people decline their credit slip so I know they do not keep track.  Not a good idea in my mind but of course I like working with numbers.

We are now on the count down to Christmas.  Everyone is looking for the perfect gift.  The perfect gift was shown to me this week in the kindness of employees in two stores and the gift of one’s kidney to another.  Let’s keep this going-scatter kindness and love.


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