We Are Community for the week of November 16th, 2020, by Joyce Steiner


As many of you know, I taught for twenty three years.  Then I quit.  I started teaching directly out of college and that had been my only job at that time.  I loved teaching physics and advanced math but when tossed into required physical science, not so much.  I had no idea that I was as stressed as I was but for a couple of years after I quit teaching, it was like weight was being lifted off my shoulders.  I am feeling a tiny bit of that weight shift now.  We need an educator to be in charge of the Department of Education.  We need a person in the medical field to be put in charge of Health and Human Services.  We need a farmer to be head of the Department of Agriculture.  We need science to be the basis for decisions.  We need a system in place to support our health care workers, our hospitals and our nursing homes.

This morning Pastor Sheri spoke on love once again.  The subject was that we are to Love the Lord with all our heart, strength, mind  and soul and to love our neighbor as ourselves.  For several years now we have not done very well in loving our neighbor as ourselves.  Our neighbors are all humans and I think animals, trees and our earth etc. Hopefully we can all show respect for each other no matter our political views.  Our health care workers deserve our respect and support as do our police, firemen, the people who collect our garbage, our news people,  restaurant workers and owners, the workers in the stores we shop and everyone who is just trying to survive right now.

Covid did not disappear on November 4th as predicted.  It is out of control in our area as it is in much of the world.  As the owner of a B&B, it is very difficult to know just how to handle this situation.  For several months, I took no guests other than two long term guests.  Hunting season is always a very busy time for me and I decided to let my hunters come as usual.  Most are family to me and they look forward to coming to the area to hunt and hopefully also look forward to seeing me and Prince Harry and staying in my home.  I use a lot of spray bleach water, spray room disinfectant, wash a lot of bedding, ask that masks be worn when in close contact with each other and go so far as to back out of my own kitchen if there are too many people in it.  We can do our very best to help stop Covid by wearing masks, social distancing, avoiding large crowds etc.  I know you all miss being with friends and family just as I do.  May Covid soon pass.

Went to Vermont, IL this week to pick up some pottery.  Got to visit with some friends while social distancing on their porch. Also got to visit with several friends by phone and text.  Thankfully there are still ways to stay connected.

For those of you who have enjoyed the Monday evening entertainment at the antique store, it may be over for a short while.  I feed feral kitties at the store.  Since kitties are prone to reproduce at a rather alarming rate, I have been trying to catch them and take them to Dr. Holst for spaying.  Don’t know if you have ever tried to catch a feral kitty but it is not easy.  It was not quite as challenging when there were several to choose from but this week there was only one to go.  Fishing dip net in hand, I stood very still waiting for the kitty to go into the feeding station.  When ever I moved, she ran away.  This probably went on for an hour.  Finally she let down her guard for just a second and I got her in the dip net.  I thought she would wear out after a while, I was wrong.  Saw Dylan going around the Square and together we finally got her into the kitty carrier.  Guess she escaped at the vets office too as they wondered how I had ever caught her.  Now everyone knows it was not easy!

Got a text from a friend this week that a podium was available in Augusta if I wanted it.  When I went to pick it up, we got into a conversation about old houses and the owner of the house asked me if I would like to see the house he was working on.  You all know how much I love old houses, antiques and more so of course I said “ yes” to the offer.  Entering the home was an adventure for me as I quickly picked out detail after detail that are also in my home.  There was a swinging door between the kitchen and the dining room and there was a built in china cupboard with the same doors as mine.  There are several bay windows, rooms that jut into the hallway, a stair I recognized and more.  I am absolutely sure that this home is also a Payne home.  Have not found it in my “Payne’s Modern Homes”  book yet but stopped and looked at it again this morning to get more front detail.  It has been sided and has new windows so much of the outside trim has been lost.  So glad to see another Payne home being saved and restored.

I have noticed that not all my columns or complete columns are being carried by each paper.  If you miss a column and would like to read it, just sent your email to steiner@adams.net and I will forward them to you as I keep them on my computer.

May each of you have a good week.  Think by this evening that the storms will have passed and that the coming week will have nice weather.  Enjoy each warm day and be thankful that you are able to do so.  Do your best to protect yourself and those around from Covid.  As I mentioned last week, “Old Lives Matter” as do young lives, middle age lives and all lives.  Love to each of you.

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