We Are Community for the week of November 9th, 2020, by Joyce Steiner


Our sympathy to the family and friends of Melba Grove of Augusta.  She passed on November 5th.  Dylan McCurdy of Plymouth lost his grandmother this week after just losing his grandfather.  Our thoughts and prayers are with both of these families.

Would like to encourage each of you to sit down for a moment and write a note to Brody Hamilton, 2049 N. 28750th, Loraine, IL 62349.  This young man was featured on the TV News recently.  He is fighting brain cancer and it is my understanding that he would love to receive cards.  Lets help him with some uplifting cards or letters.

This week has brought some great things.  No more political ads! I think that if I had to endure one more Greenfield-Ernst ad that I might have had to kill my TV.  The weather has been wonderful for me, my hunters are complaining however!  I have been able to continue to ride my bike and we had church services outside again this morning.  It was neat to be outside at church- the half moon was just over the church roof and oak leaves kept blowing into my hair.  Loved it.

Got a phone call this week that my Apple account had been breached.  Only thing is that I do not have an Apple account.  Please be very careful whenever you get this type of phone call.  Scammers  need a real job where they could be productive.

My house is full of hunters and their wives from Michigan and Florida.  Have all stayed here before and are family.  They are cooking a lot since eating out can be difficult right now.  That is good for me as I had home made lasagna for lunch which they made.  Though I love the warm weather, it seems that they would prefer it to be cooler for hunting.  It will be cooler all in good time so I am trying to enjoy each warm hour.  We are  lucky to be able to sit outside and talk with each other.

And now for the elephant on the keyboard-the election.  It is over.  Al Gore won 500,000 more votes than George Bush.  Hillary Clinton won three million more votes than Donald Trump, yet neither of them declared that they won the election.  As it stands now Joe Biden has 4.1 million more votes than Donald Trump.  Joe Biden has 290 electoral votes compared to 214 for Donald Trump yet Trump has declared himself to be the winner.  No matter which political party you prefer, sometimes you will win and sometimes you will not.  That is life.  What we need now is to realize that one person wins and another does not.  America does not have two presidents.  It is time for the country to come together for the good of all.   We have a broken healthcare system to fix.  We have a pandemic which is out of control.  We need to  work together to help stop the spread of COVID-19.  Face masks need to be universal and not a political statement.  We need to display our flag with respect.  Government spending is out of control.  We need to have a system in place where both parties work for the good of the people.  We need to once again show respect for all people, all religions, the news media and individuals who may be different from us.  We need to love again.  Both the daily devotional reading and the sermon this morning were on love.

We are a great country.  There is room for all.  There will disagreement on many ideas but there need not be hatred and distrust of those with whom we do not agree.  Its time to sit down and actually listen to each other.

So lets work together for a smooth political transition.  Lets work together to find a solution to COVID-19.  Lets work together to solve the money problems in our community, our state and our nation.  Lets work together for the good of ALL.

There was a sign on face book yesterday.  “Old Lives Matter”.  None of us considers ourselves to be old.  However there are those in the population who are older than others of us.  Please consider these folks when you choose whether you will wear a mask or not.  “Old Lives Matter’, so do young lives, middle age lives and all lives.  Love to each of you.

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